Stun gun robbery suspect arrested

Police say they've arrested the man believed to be the Stun Gun Robber– Taquan Lovelle Anderson, who is charged in the October 11 robbery of a Cherry Avenue Exxon clerk who was zapped when closing the store and was carrying the night deposit. Anderson is charged with five felony counts, including malicious wounding and use of a stun gun in commission of a felony.

He's also a suspect in the robbery of another Exxon October 15 on Emmet Street. Police are looking for a customer (depicted at right in a surveillance still) who was in the store at the time of that robbery and may be a witness, and ask anyone with information to contact Detective Jim Mooney at 970-3374 or Crimestoppers at 977-4000.


Myths, perceptions and stereotypes seem to guide the thinking of some. All criminals can't locate their fathers and every young man who goes to prison gets raped. Geez.

P.S. Voice of Reason
"He believes that extreme (violent) racists suffer from a delusional mental illness." I'm not quite sure where this fits in.

any truth to the report that the clerk yelled "don't taze me, bro!" before the robber zapped him?

If it makes you feel better having an ignorant rant, who am I to debate? BTW, Mr. Cosby has a Ph.D. in education, not sociology. It might be interesting to know why you put so much stock in his words. Then, again, it might not.

go look it up yourself, and you can find yourself a debate elsewhere. as far as myths about prison violence, what's the point? The crude and gleeful wishes posted here (in poor taste, no doubt)for his prison stay are most likely motivated by resentment. Many people are simply fed up with the impact on the quality of their lives and personal safety by crime and violence - it's keeping me and my family away from downtown Charlottesville, in fact.

Prison will probably just make him even more hateful. Without proper parenting, these goons are too often doomed to a lifetime of trouble - and WE (civilization) are forced to share their misery as they act out their vile fantasies of power in our midsts.

It's no myth that the fathers are often not present - statistics don't lie. Bill Cosby's new book speaks very directly about this issue. Or, we could simply blame society and let the perpetrators and their families off the hook.

Why do they keep putting defective Mooney on these cases? His track record isn't that great...what about the AutoZone robbery, 5 suspects with a shotgun, still unsolved.

Anyways, if found guilty Taquan should get tazed in the nutsack, in addition to his daily obligatory butt-rape in prison LOL!

When I grow up I want to be like Joe G and Voice of Reason. After a week in prison getting the punishment Joe described, I'm sure Taquan would be a changed man. And I'll bet VOR's comment has more truth to it than we care to admit.

V.O.R., please post a link to these statistics. How often is "often?" How do you know what kind of relationship the young man has with his father or anybody else for that matter? Should this serve as some kind of a message to people about to divorce? That's a lot of people about to give rise to a lot of criminals.

I'll bet if you could find his dad, he would be proud!

Voice of reason nails it in post #3!

Was Nicholas Robinson wearing a white tee shirt when he was arrested?

This is from the UDOJ, Bureau of Justice Statitics....
Family background of Afican American inmates:
Thirty-one percent of jail inmates had grown up with a parent or guardian who abused alcohol or drugs.
About 12 percent had lived in a foster home or institution.
Forty-six percent had a family member who had been incarcerated.

So, VOR may be wrong. Maybe they can indeed find their fathers as half are in, or have been in, prison. Nice role models.

The coffee isn't cooking. I talked about Mr. Cosby's credentials, not Poussaint's. Mr. Poussaint started writing on social issues four decades ago when scholarly studies concerning African American studies were few and far between. One of the major criticisms of his work is that most of his books and articles expose very little research and extolls mostly his opinions encased in show-stoping phrases. He is not known for any substantive social studies as many other social commentators are not.

calling someone's words an ignorant ra

referring to someone's words as an ignorant rant is no way to participate in a civil discourse. The book in question was co-authored by Alvin F. Poussaint Here's his credentials:

Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint is Director of the Media Center of the Judge Baker Children's Center in Boston. He is also a Professor of Psychiatry and Faculty Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Harvard Medical School.

He is co-author, with James P. Comer, M.D., of Raising Black Children, 1992; and co-author, with Amy Alexander, of Lay My Burden Down, 2000.

He has written dozens of articles for lay and professional publications. In 1997, he received a New England Emmy award for Outstanding Children's Special as co-executive producer of Willoughby's Wonders.

Dr. Poussaint is an expert on race relations in America, the dynamics of prejudice, and issues of diversity as our society becomes increasingly multicultural. He believes that extreme (violent) racists suffer from a delusional mental illness. He lectures widely on college campuses and also serves as a consultant to government agencies and private corporations.

now you go and smell the coffee, o.k.?.