No fry zone: Guv bans burns

In light of recent dry conditions, today Gov. Tim Kaine (D) declared a state of emergency and enacted a ban on open fires across the Commonwealth beginning at 12:01am tomorrow– i.e. a minute after midnight tonight. (The declaration did not include an apology from the governor for spoiling Halloween bonfire plans across this fun-lovin' Commonwealth.)

"We have looked at all the current data and reviewed the projections for the fall fire season, and everything points to a significant threat to public safety," says Kaine in a release. Violation of the ban is a Class 3 misdemeanor and carries a minimum fine of $500. Additionally, the governor is seeking a disaster declaration from the federal Department of Agriculture and the emergency funds that come with it. To date, 70 Virginia counties, including Albemarle, have made that same aid request.

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Does this mean StonedHaus has to stop burning everything in sight at Rio Rd?