Another accident on wreck-plagued 151

There's been another wreck on Route 151, but this morning's accident does not appear to be fatal. The road, one of the main drags of Nelson County, has become a priority for area citizens and government officials, particularly after August 30, when it was the scene of the one of the most horrific accidents in the annals of local history.
"We've had five fatalities in 34 days" says Tommy Stafford, a Nelson newsmagazine publisher and citizen activist who leads a group called The group is devoted to documenting the dangers and improving safety on Route 151.
Already, the group has seen one success in the form of Nelson County government's recent decision to prioritize a new turning lane at Greenfield Road.
Sadly, that proposed repair comes too late for Afton resident Laura Cavedo and her two daughters. On August 30, they all died when a panel truck driver Shawn Lloyd of Ruckersville allegedly fell asleep and rear-ended their car at that same intersection.

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It was a Dodge Ram truck that hit the small box truck.

If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!