Inmate bugged?

Once again, the Hook has received some unusual mail from an inmate at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. Last time, it was a letter from captured bank robber Jeffery Adams– who is now serving an 11-year sentence for attempting to rob the Union Bank and Trust on the Downtown Mall back in June– apologizing to the people of Charlottesville for his crime, commending the police and the city zoning inspector who thwarted the heist, and listing his favorite bands.

This time, one "Leste Green" (Mr. Green's identity could not be immediately confirmed, and in the left-hand corner of the envelope it appears that another name has been scribbled out) mailed us a big flat dead cockroach.

Of course, with no accompanying note or letter, one can only speculate on the meaning of the 1.5-inch-long insect in Mr. Green's mailing, but it would appear to be either a critique of prison life or some symbolic commentary on the Hook– perhaps even a kind of Godfather-like "he sleeps with the fishes" warning we haven't deciphered yet.

Earlier this month, our "Tough Customer" consumer columnist Alan Zimmerman wrote about a letter he received from an unidentified ACRJ inmate complaining about "the lack of respect we receive while incarcerated" and citing the allegedly poor quality of the products in the prison store, as well as complaining about not being able to get a refund for moldy foodstuffs he'd bought there.

So far, the Hook has been unable to determine if there is a link between Zimmerman's column and the mailed cockroach.



Careful what you say. Sounds like your office could be bugged.

It is obvious that it was an attempt to find someone to take care of his pet while he was in jail and the poor thing died in the post. Don't sweat it.

I wonder what the cockroach had to say about the quality of the products in the prison store.