The day the Comcast stood still

The Monday morning routine was slightly altered this morning for thousands of Charlottesville-area Comcast cable customers. Those who usually start their day by tuning in to CNN's American Morning, or ESPN's Sportscenter, or even Tom & Jerry on the Cartoon Network tuned in only to find their favorite shows stuck in a freeze frame. Save for local broadcasts, every single channel was stuck on pause, and according to the clock in the corner of the screen on all the cable news networks, the big freeze came at 8:36am this morning.

A Comcast customer service rep confirms that this hiccup is happening all over the Charlottesville area due to an upcoming channel realignment, but that "It should be correcting itself by the end of the day." (Last summer, one station let its broadcast get stuck for a weekend.)



Cue people sharing tales of their loathing for Comcast in 5, 4, 3...

I'll spare everyone my tales of loathing...I'd just like to know how The Hook actually managed to find a Comcast person who knew what was going on. Do share!

Wait. Upcoming channel realignment? The new channel lineup went into effect on Saturday. And it was all working just fine, last night. They're going to have to do better than that, for an explanation.

No one at Comcast knows what the heck is going on - from the post-menopausal hag who runs the counter at the local office to anyone at their 800 number. If you ask a question that goes beyond the very basic, chances are you'll get a different answer everytime you ask. And most times, they'll just flat out lie to make you go away.