Charlottesville-lovin’ greeters sought

The people running two "fun-filled trains" that'll roll into town tomorrow and Sunday are looking for 750 people to volunteer to welcome the tourists to downtown.
What's in it for the greeters? Uh, a t-shirt and the joy of welcoming a 1,500 visitors (who paid at least $125 per ticket) to town, according to organizers, which include the CSX Railroad, the North Carolina Transportation Museum Foundation, and the Watauga Valley Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.
They're operating a 16-car roundtrip train from Spencer, North Carolina, to Charlottesville November 3 and 4. So if you want to volunteer, contact Amy Busa at or 434-970-3634. They need assistance from 11:30pm to 2:15pm

One key caveat: you have to wear the t-shirt while greeting.


11 hours on a train to eat a very fast lunch in Charlottesville? That's, uh, interesting.

We should bring them right down to the knitty gritty part of Star Hill, and that would be the streets behind Star Hill Brewery or head south down to Tonsler Park so they could really see the sites sitting on the benches on Cherry Ave.

I think in that neighborhood where the trains stops, there should be plenty of youth in white t-shirts ready to "greet" them Starr-Hill style LOL!