Monticello Media unveils ‘Generations FM’

After unleashing "Tom @ 107.5" on the Charlottesville radio market three weeks ago, Monticello Media continued its revamping lineups of the former Clear Channel stations by replacing, at 5pm today, a station called "Superhits" with a new format and renaming it "Generations" at the 102.3 FM and 94.1 FM frequencies.

"It's primarily after a 25-54 year old demographic, based in songs from the '7os, with a little bit from the '60s and a little bit of the '80s," says Monticello Media general manager Dennis Mockler. "You're not going to find another station doing that."

A three-minute MP3 preview of the station sent with a press release includes clips of the Doobie Brothers' "Listen to the Music," the Hollies' "Long Cool Woman," Chicago's "Saturday in the Park," the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up," Eric Carmen's "Go All the Way," Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," the Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane," Electric Light Orchestra's "Don't Bring Me Down," the Beatles' "Get Back," Sly and the Family Stone's "Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin," and Boston's "More Than a Feeling."

Mockler says that, like with "Tom," he sought to break traditional radio formats after his company's market research indicated that stations' playlists had gotten too narrow. "One of the problems with market research is that we were going to people and asking, 'Do you like classic rock, lite rock, or country?'" explains Mockler, "but people have iPods and are saying now that they want all of that on one station. With this and with Tom, we're giving them that."

He adds that although Tom has launched without any local, live on-air talent (a strategy he also briefly employed when he launched a competing station called "the Corner") and that now Generations has done the same, there will, eventually be a human beings in Charlottesville deejaying those two stations.

"It won't happen today, and it won't happen Monday," says Mockler. "But we're getting close with Tom, and we'll soon have them on Generations as well."



Is it for "seasoned" citizens? hehehehe

Let's face it. This is the latest 'term' for OLDIES...the rest is of the presser is cr@p

RE: ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??You're not going to find another station doing that.¢Ã¢â??¬ Uhhh Dennis... Superhits, the station you just replaced, did it before you renamed it the silly GENERATIONS...Hope that Consultant got his money up front :(

It would seem that no one cares about this station or at least many fewer than the last discussion about KIDD and TOM/DICK/HARRY 107.5

"Generations..." hilarious!

All the former Clear Channel Stations in Ch'ville suck! And honestly TOM sucks, so it appears that Monticello Media is keeping with Clear Channels infamous routine of sucking.

So what happens to Vinnie Kice and Mark Millison and Angie Logan now? Have they all been fired by Monticello Media?

Look for this station to be 'the station you listen to in the workplace'.

Lookout all you neysayers, there's a new sherriff in town! I worked for Mr. Mockler during his stint with NextMedia (Illinois) and you can bet your money that if anyone has the know-how and wherewithall to put Monticello Media on the radio map, he does.

Congrats Dennis!

This isn't about Mockler or George the owner (mentioned in the Tom link - I assume that's his real name). Its about the crap they spew in making these changes. Generations my ass....Tom my ass...How about a decent rocker for this town?