The Police: We won’t be watching you

Back on September 10, it was the biggest news in town: The Police– the tour of the year, according to Pollstar mag editor Gary Bongiovanni in our recent cover story on local music venues– were coming to the John Paul Jones Arena November 6! Well into their world tour, the iconic '80s rockers were busy selling out venues across the globe. Surely, we would show the same appreciation to Sting and the boys for making a stop in our little town.

But alas, tickets at all levels ($225, $90, $50) are still available on JPJ's website today, and there's a veritable fire sale on craigslist.

What happened? After the Stones, DMB, Clapton, Dylan, and Costello, are we just not impressed anymore?


i sat in the cheap seats for dave matthews last time around. they sucked. the cheapest seats for the police were in the same place (beside the stage, way up in the rafters). $90 for a decent view of the stage is still way too much.

I'm fairly certain that if JPJ served alcohol outside of the corporate boxes, people might find going there more enjoyable.

Actually, it's more that after paying more for groceries, gas and housing because we live in what used to be the #1 city in the country, we just can't afford pricey tickets for nostalgia acts. Come on, Hook staffers - can you guys REALLY afford those tickets on your salaries?

Biggest reason not to go? Way too much money. On top of that, there are so many choices now, it is easy to say "let's wait and see who is coming next".

BTW, I think I am the only person in my office that has been to an event at the JPJ and that is pretty freaky considering the demographics of my co-workers.

Hey Broke Cville....what about the $50 tickets and the one's going for even less on craigslist? Can you really cry poverty?

It isn't even the fact that the span of ticket costs is pricey. It's that all seats on the first level are basically $225 or 90. Without add-on "fees." And by first level, that isn't just the floor seats. Seats on the floor and first level tier are all $225 or $90. In fact, most of the second tier seats (all the way up in the rafters) are $90. You can buy a helluva lot of CD's and concert DVD's for the cost of essentially viewing the concert by closed circuit television in the last row.

Would also help if the opening band weren't an ode to nepotism. Fiction Plane ain't all that. I could man a pretty successful band if I were Sting's son and allowed to open for The Police.

Yea, I like the police as much as the next guy. (Assuming the next guy likes the police just ok) But had 0% interest in ponying up to see these fellas at these prices.
So, what I want to know: Are the Bruce at JPJ rumors true or not?

In my opinion, they are charging way too much for me to have my ear drums blown out. I would love to see The Police, but there are other more important items that I can use that $50 for (like gas).

to Dave: ANY CONFIRMATION OF BRUCE AT THE JPJ????? I put that in their suggestion box! Now, those tickets would be worth any price!

I wouldn't walk across the street to see Blue Man Group for free. I've seen enough of their "act" on television to see positively that here is another example of "the emperor has no clothes."

My sister and her husband saw the Police show at JPJ and report that it was rote -- exactly like every other show on the tour, song by song, comment by comment, with the occasional toss-off line to let the audience know the band knows where they are (e.g. Good evening Charlottesville!). Aside from that, little sister reports it was a carefully choreographed performance with all the spontaneity of an Al Gore speech. She got lucky: they scored free tickets the day of the show so the only real spontaneity Tuesday evening was their decison to go at all.

Then there's the fiasco that was Dylan.

I think JPJ needs a marketing analyst or someone possessed of strategic thought because they are booking shows that just aren't putting asses in seats. They might also rethink their pricing structure too, as it isn't really necessary to recoup construction costs on that Taj Mahal in the first year or so of operation.

The Upstart,

Looks like Style Weekly's music reviewer agrees....

Wrapped Around Your Billfold: The Police in Charlottesville

"But can someone please tell me why, if the venue is not allowed to sell alcohol (being a state school), everyone has to watch employees peddling kegs of beer into the private hospitality suites all night long? What's the message here? Responsible VIPs, or corporate sponsors, get to enjoy a little beer with their rock and roll, while commoners can suck on flat Pepsi and warmed over Domino's pizza? I'm sorry, but that sucks, and not just for alcoholics."