Fiction Plane goes unplugged for The Corner

While fans are having to pay the big bucks to hear them open for the Police tonight, up-and-coming rockers Fiction Plane gave Charlottesville a freebie this afternoon when they recorded an exclusive acoustic "Corner Lounge" session for radio station 106.1 FM The Corner.

During the roughly 15-minute segment recorded at Virginia Arts Recording Studio, frontman and bassist Joe Sumner (a.k.a. Son of Sting) dished about life on the road as the warm-up for the year's biggest tour. "With most opening acts, it's 'I'm eating my hot dog, sitting down and ignoring you guys,'" he said. "We go out of our way not to act like an opening band and put on a proper show." Sumner also promised Fiction Plane would be coming back around to Charlottesville in "March or April" as a headliner.

Afterward, Sumner, along with guitarist Seton Daunt, and drummer Pete Wilhoit took pictures, signed CDs, and recorded several promos for the year-old FM station. The live-to-tape session will air around 4:30pm.

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