Camblos ousted in 53 to 47 percent shocker

Jim Camblos finds himself heading out of office after voters delivered a rebuke to the prosecutor whose biggest case last year was prosecuting four bombless teen bombers. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Democratic challenger Denise Lunsford won 12,187 to Republican Camblos' 10,794 votes, according to the Virginia Board of Elections.

"I just wanted this to go well for all the people that worked so hard on this campaign," said a victorious Lunsford amid the celebration at the Democrats' election night party at the Aberdeen Barn. "Soon we should have a Commonwealth's Attorney's office that's responsive, competent, respectable, and one that people can be proud of."

As early precincts trickled in, Lunsford and company tried to keep the mood light by wearing silver-spangled bowties, a possible dig at Camblos' choice in neckwear. But as WINA broadcast the results, the veteran defense attorney began wearing her heart– and ever-changing vote total– on her sleeve. While nursing a Jack Daniels and ginger ale, Lunsford applauded each precinct that went her way, but could not help but pace the floor, bite her nails, wipe her brow and even go down on one knee at one point.

But once the Cale Elementary precinct gave Lunsford a 1500 vote margin (see video at left) with only the Crozet Elementary precinct yet to report, WINA declared her the winner as the victor pumped her fist in triumph– the first woman Commonwealth's Attorney in Albemarle County history.

In a closely contested Albemarle Board of Supervisors race, Republican incumbent Ken Boyd edged Democratic challenger Marcia Joseph in the Rivanna District while Democratic Scottsville incumbent supervisor Lindsay Dorrier held off two independent challengers, Kevin Fletcher and Denny King.

And in what may come as a surprise to some, Democratic challenger Ann Huckle Mallek, with 55.67 percent of the vote, defeated the Republican incumbent for the White Hall district supervisor seat, David C. Wyant.

"I didn't give myself a chance to win by this much," said Mallek of her 10 percent margin of victory. "We started a conversation with the district with this campaign, walking down a lot of long driveways in a very rural district, and I plan to continue that conversation."

Meanwhile, Charlottesville Police Lieutenant Chip Harding, a Republican, won the open seat for Albemarle County Sheriff over rescue squad veteran and Democrat Larry Claytor.

In the City, surprises were few. All three Democratic nominees– Holly Edwards, Satyendra Huja, and Mayor David Brown– won election to City Council over the two independent challengers.


.....never trust a guy with a bow tie.

Camblos praised the fact that he supposedly ran a "clean" campaign. If only he'd run a "clean" office.


Still the land of the free after all.

Screw tough. I want sane, fair, legitimate, law-biding, honest, decent, and objective.

Amen, Gail! Commitment to the truth! And this includes truthfulness from the police officers that she, as the top law enforcement official in Albemarle County, has to use in court. It's been a pretty big problem in the past and present, a problem Jim Camblos refused to address for 15 years.

This was a critical election. Conratulations to Ms Lunsford from the supporters of!

Conratulations Denise!! You won it with good merits!

Seriously, a shocker?
Wyant was surprising but Lunsford race was predictable because moderate republicans seemed fatigued by Camblos. I heard few defend him when asked. I think you could run a negative race against for any who has been in the Commonwealth Attorney for 16 years.

I also think Lunsford image on her commercials seemed tough- just what I want from a C.A. in Albemarle.

How about competence and a commitment to the truth?