Snap o’ the day: Mallek wins

Democrat Ann Mallek reacts after WINA declares her the winner in her campaign to defeat Republican David Wyant for his seat as the White Hall district's representative on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.


Then good for her!

Oh come on! What do you really think is going to happen? I haven't heard a single thing that she's proposed that would hurt business or economic
growth. I think it's time to stop confusing housing developments with economic growth. They aren't the same thing.

I also think her background as a farmer means she far more likely to support incentives for landowners to be more environmentally responsible. Yes, hopefully she'll also pass some long needed rural protections, but that's not going to create a "tax burden", and anyone who claims that is practicing questionable economics. Advocates of housing growth have thise really weird habit of arguing that controlling development will both lower property values and make land more expensive. Those are mutually exclusing ideas - only one of them can be true. The truth is that uncontrolled growth creates massive burdens in terms of infrastructure and is much more likely to result in higher taxes. See Biscuit Run as a case in point.

Yikes please no more residential development!

I'm talking about badly needed industrial development. (Not to be confused with commercial development such as Target). We need to replenish bona-fide industrial jobs such as those lost at Comdial and Con-Agra.

I wonder how she will or won't promote business. What if she obstructs business interests and increases the tax burden on the homeowner?

Why would that be good?

Now is not the time to let our guard down on business and jobs. I know Mallek is of good character, but in my opinion she is to the extreme in terms of environmental protection. That is not a bad thing, though we really needed her 5-10 years ago. The economic downturn will slow development as well as job growth. I pray that Mallek is careful not to repel business because of job loss as well as tax burdens that will lean on real estate taxes more if business taxes are not available.