Camblos: ‘Not a great year for Republicans’

Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos, fresh from a stinging upset Tuesday at the hands of Democrat Denise Lunsford, said, "It wasn't a good year to be a Republican," at a press conference this morning.

Camblos took Wednesday off and said he had had time to reflect. He cited George Bush and the war in Iraq as factors in the election, adding that while the war shouldn't have affected the race for the constitutional office of Albemarle's top prosecutor, "It did."

He blasted a "misleading" television ad put out by Crime Victims United of Virginia, a recently formed PAC that endorsed Lunsford, calling it "a total lie."

The ad featured Edward Deane, whose wife and granddaughters were killed in a 1998 auto accident. Camblos filed no charges against the UVA student who was driving the car that struck them. In the ad, Deane talks about how he was arrested and held in a small cell with no bed and no commode. Former Albemarle police officer Roger Mathias, who was ordered to follow Deane and arrest him if he tried to put flowers at the site where his family was killed, says in the ad, "I thought this was kind of strange to be treating a victim this way."

"The ad started, 'My wife got killed, I got locked up,'" said Camblos. "The theme was I don't care about victims. Yes, he did get locked up. It was because he came into my office and threatened my wife and children. He tried to come to my residence. The statements made are half truths."

When pressed by Albie Tabackman for specifics of what was untrue in the ad, Camblos said, "They don't tell you it happened because [Deane] threatened my family." Tabackman, husband of Crime Victims' board member Joan Fenton, was videotaping the conference.

Camblos disavowed any connection with a negative ad about Lunsford that was published in the November 2 Daily Progress. "I had nothing to do with that," he said. "I ran a positive campaign."

The ad, paid for by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400, targeted Lunsford's domestic partner, Richard Brewer, and his management of Mayfair House assisted living.

The Commonwealth's Attorney commended the Democrats: "They did a great job getting the vote out. It was the Democratic party that beat me."

While acknowledging the difficulty of losing a job he's held for 16 years, Camblos said, "I'm going to be okay." Citing his "great wife" and faith in God, he emphasized, "I'm going to be fine."

As for what he's going to do next, Camblos, 61, replied, "It's only been 48 hours."



You are right Captin Obvious. I would get 10 years for speeding ticket. Camblos being a circuit court judge is a truly scary thought. I think McDonald's is hireing. He might even make assistant manager after a couple years if he works hard. Good luck in your next job Jim.

Mr.Deane, just thank the Lord he didn't get the Circuit Court judgeship too. He would still be in power if he had.

Nice that however he sees it does not matter.

Mr. Camblos continues to believe he is smarter than everyone else - or maybe he just needs to speak nonsense to make himself feel better.

He truly must be living in a bow-tie bubble. Now he can spend the rest of his days drinking with his buddies at Red-Land.

Just in case there's any confusion, I did not write the comment above by "Lisa."

At 61 years old and 15 years with Albemarle County, he should be eligible for retirement? His job is "public safety" related, an occupation that carries a 60-year-old retirement age benefit. Am I wrong on this?

Not to mention, based on his salary as Commonwealth Attorney, his retirement should be substancially more than most folks get now. Retired chiefs and sheriffs are getting as much as $65,000 or more a year in retirement now. Again, correct me if I am wrong.

And just a little PS - the Iraq war and being a republican certainly did not hurt Chip Harding did it? AND I wondering, Jim, was the PAC ad a "total lie" or was is a "half-truth" as you later said? oh, Jim - really!

Don't let the door hit.....

Wake up, Albemarle County. You people kept that man in office for 16 years. Camblos and Teflon Casteen made sure that no one in Charlottesville was aware of crime caused by and done to UVA students. When victims came forward and told how they had been treated by Camblos & Company, everyone turned a blind eye. Citizens should seize this opportunity to form a watchdog group to insure that history does not repeat itself. Publish statistics of crime logs - if 70 rapes occur at UVA, ask why 70 rapes have not been prosecuted. Establish policies to insure that every victim leaves the prosecutor's office knowing that they received the best service possible. And encourage crime victims to come forward because they will now have fair and proper treatment and review of their case.

Mr. Camblos said some unfortunate things today that made him sound like a sore loser. Whatever happened to going out graciously and with dignity? Failing to give Denise credit for her win, refusing to even use her name, and telling the media to "keep tabs on her"? Chip Harding won, so clearly it wasn't just republican voter apathy. According to Mr. Camblos, the albemarle ca's office was all about the iraq war. I wonder why this didn't affect the sheriff's race?

also, Mr. Camblos said that it wasn't a partisan political position. But when asked at a forum what made him different from his opponent, he said it was that he was conservative and she was liberal. Isn't that a political statement? If it's not a partisan position, why bring partisan politics into it, then blame his loss on the democrats and their get out the vote efforts and the iraq war?

and why is the hook so kid-glovey with people like Mr. Camblos? they should listen to the BBC more...

It's OK Lisa Provence. Jim Camblos can't use his resources to retaliate against you now, even if you did write the "Lisa" comment above yours.

Oh dear GAWD! Someone call the waaaaaaambulance! Bad year to be a republican? Oh, really! Maybe it's just a bad year to be a man, I mean this is the 2nd race you've lost to a woman ¢Ã¢â??‰â?¬Å? first the judgeship and now this. OR maybe it's just a bad year to be a bow tie wearer? That would make more sense than suggesting that we poor little old democrats would be so uneducated about our vote that we'd vote for a democrat regardless of her qualifications. Get yourself together Jim. I mean really! Muster up a little dignity and self respect and take your whipping like a man! You lost to Denise Lunsford ¢Ã¢â??‰â?¬Å? period! But go ahead and tell yourself whatever you need to in order to keep yourself out of the fetal position and boo-hooing! Sore losers are an embarrassment to their team.

It was a negitave ad,but 100% truth.Camblos did a bad job of being commonwealth attorney so the citizens of Alb. fired him. Lois's birthday was Nov. 6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!