Culprits in 700K park: vagrants, chipped paint

Now we finally know why McGuffey Park needed a nearly $700K overhaul: sleeping vagrants and chipping paint, according to this morning's Daily Progress. While I never saw a sleeping vagrant there (and I took my kids at least a dozen times), now I know how to mobilize almost three quarters of million dollars: just get a "vagrant" to snooze somewhere. Oh, and cut back on surface prep when painting your merry-go-round. My kids loved that paint-challenged merry-go-round, but will they love the spicas and other futuristic toys built by a company called Kompan? That is the seven hundred thousand dollar question.


Great survey on - It's about giving fake money to bums.

More of the same in Charlottesville, Virginia - the land of the have-so-much and the have-not-nearly enough. It is nice to know that a few people had enough time to become "Friends of the Park" and give it the love and the money it really needed. Let's just hope none of the new equipment is vagrant friendly. That would just be too much to bear in our pretty little city.

Mr. Spencer, I don't understand your vitriol. Something you picked up in Ivy? Or at Farmington, perhaps? Privilege breeds a particularly sneering kind of sarcasm; your brand smacks of indolent days at prep school. And this is considered journalism? Impartial? This helps your readers see The Hook as a source of credible, unbiased news? These kinds of posts read like high-school journalism at its worst. No, actually they read like the pissy discharges of some sour old man who gets off on ranting about change. Dislodge the silver spoon from wherever it's stuck, please, and allow yourself to consider this: many of us -- your readers -- who get by on moderate incomes, who actually live close to downtown (instead of commuting from our country estates), actually frequent (on a weekly or daily basis, not just twelve times over the course of several years) and enjoy parks that are clean, well-designed, and well-maintained. We appreciate what our neighbors have done on our behalf (with tax dollars, yes -- for once we can actually see our tax money put to good use -- but also with private funds, consistent community input, and a great deal of civic-minded devotion).

What do you have against us regular folk who love the new park? Perhaps it's just a question of taste -- old money prefers "shabby chic" to modern design? We ignorant members of the middle class are too crass for you? With our bright and shiny renovations, so hopelessly attractive and functional (how "futuristic" of us!), so lacking the scuffed, world-weary charm of the country manors to which you, perhaps, are accustomed? Forgive us; if we lived the Ivy life, surely we, too, would romanticize the peeling paint (so charming in the hands of young children) and the "vagrants" (so sweetly eccentric with their glassy-eyed stares), for how else could we assume a knowing sense of urban authenticity -- other than by scoring the occasional illegal substance or hosting a charity "homeless night" gala at Farmington ("come dressed as your favorite vagrant"). Please, between cotillion and dressage, don't you have enough to worry about without having to begrudge us our lovely, little community park?

The public parks are for the vagrants and others who cannot afford ACAC and other amenities. What this town really needs is to host an international hobo convention.

Denver hosts the Int'l hobo convention. It's 365 24/7 you see, they promise to provide housing for all homeless. So they get ALL homeless that know how to hitchhike or Greyhound.

Well Hawes, they could have spent the $700,000 in Washington Park. Where 90% of the city residents are afraid to take their children. :)