Mayor Norris?

Mayor David Brown says he's had enough of being mayor and will call it quits in January, reports the Daily Progress.

"Four years of being mayor is enough," Brown said. "If it goes longer than that, it starts to personalize the position rather than just being a member of council who is serving as mayor."

According to the DP, Dave Norris and Julian Taliaferro are likely to seek the mayor's chair. "I'm interested," declared Norris. Taliaferro said "maybe" but worried it might take up too much time.


Yes, and if mayor, JT will have to stay AWAKE for the entire meeting! Don't count on Mayor Taliaferro...

Julian Taliaferro

At the Greenbrier Neighborhood Candidates' Forum recorded by Charlottesville Tomorrow, Mayor Brown said:

"What I plan to do is entice one of my fellow Councilors should I be on Council again into being Mayor so I can sit over in the seat Blake Caravati used to sit in so I could like sit over there and cause trouble when I get bored like Blake used to do.¢Ã¢â??¬

Julian, if you run one more emergency call let this be it.

PLEASE! We need your maturity, common sense, insight, leadership, and people skills here!

Mr. Taliaferro's retirement status may give him more time during the day to devote to the ceremonial functions of the position. If he becomes the mayor, people will finally have to learn his name.