Cop: Pritchett implicates Gentry and himself

Apparently delivering the Charlottesville Police the ideal confession with which to make a capital murder case, 18-year-old Michael Stuart Pritchett (right) allegedly told investigators that his roommate, 22-year-old William Douglas Gentry Jr. (left), shot Jayne McGowan, "and that he heard two more shots while he searched McGowan's computer room," according to a Daily Progress account of an affidavit filed in the case. But it's even more damning than that.

According to the account, Pritchett allegedly told investigators that he too shot the 26-year-old woman in her home November 8.

On Tuesday, November 13 substitute judge Jannene L. Shannon ordered the two held without bond and appointed attorney Rhonda Quagliana to defend Pritchett and Lloyd Snook to defend Gentry. Neither was immediately available to respond to the allegations.


i only met jayne twice. my cousin married one of jayne's older sisters. the two times my family was with yours it was very easy to see what a wonderful person jayne was. we might have spoken all of an hour over the wedding weekend and the day of the shower a month or so before.

please know our family's hearts break for yours.

you are a real scubag. who the hell are you to try to tarnish the life of a wonerful woman. i hope you burn in hell one day. feel free to respond while you hide behind a computer screen. you are a pitiful person who most likely has no friends. jerk.

Don't jump so hard on Robert. He is obviously a product of the over-dramatization/glorification of murder in our society. As a family member of Jayne, I've had similar thoughts trying to rationalize why someone did this to such a beautiful vibrant person. Simply, bad things happen to good people. I hope that you never have to bury your daughter/wife/niece/cousin way before her time, and have to hear inane ramblings from a random person on the internet.

It's not real hard to get a confession in a case like this. You take the two suspects, put them in seperate rooms, and tell each that the other has just spilled his guts. And all of this is perfectly legal. It's a crime if a civilian knowingly lies in a criminal investigation. But it's not a crime when the cops do it to suspects in order to obtain confessions.

Robert, Robert, Robert...tsk, tsk, tsk.

I feel so bad for Ms. McGowan's family. What a terrible loss for them and for us, her adopted community. The senselessness of the crime leaves one speechless.

Come on, Hook! We're not buying this robbery stuff!
Please give us some facts about what she was doing in D.C., what G.O.P,'ers she might have had something on, and some glimpses into her decision to flee town and career.
You could sell some papers, AND maybe help find the Bushevik behind this thing.

Robert is apparently on crack. I apologize on behalf of all citizens of Charlottesville for his idiocy. Two drones took a precious life...yep, it even happens in our fair City on occasion.