Young Men’s Shop heading back downtown

Ten years after bailing out of downtown for the supposedly greener pasture of Seminole Square, the venerable haberdashery long known as the Young Men's Shop will return to the Downtown Mall and re-grab its original name instead of that ultra-hip three-lettered moniker it gave itself back in 2004. The Progress has the story.


Ain't UVA Prez. Casteen one of the Wachovia boys??
What's he say 'bout this here deal?

Looks like BLACK GOLD to me...

Mr. Casteen should immediately recuse himself from any "downtown dealings," if the University has an investment in CPC. In this case, to be involved (in any way) would be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Spencer Connerat - stockholder and Uva. alumnus

When The Young Men's Shop stood at 118 West Main, Wolfe Harry O'Mansky was the representative of our parking enterprise. He was a Director of Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc. (CPC) and proudly served the company - for no fee - unlike today's parking barons.
Now, almost 50 years later, one must wonder if Director O'Mansky had progeny who are equally as interested in the Virginia company, and her future.
As of this date, Jim Berry (CEO, CPC, Inc.) and Ken Thompson (CEO, Wachovia) stand mute, in the matter, as this citizen works to broker a deal betwixt the pair. Logically, they'll consult with their bosses (common stockholders) before merging.