And the JPJ… will rock (with Van Halen)

Twenty-two years since last touring with the legendarily flamboyant frontman David Lee Roth, a band known for its over-the-top guitar work has reunited for an international tour that's coming to Charlottesville. Officials announced this morning that Van Halen will perform on Friday, February 22 at John Paul Jones Arena. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, December 1, at 10am.

The news comes less than three weeks after JPJ hosted another epic band's reunion tour, although calling this is a reunited Van Halen misses a few details, such as the fact that this is the fifth different lineup in the band's 30+ year history. And the reunion is not complete, as original bass player Michael Anthony left the group last year and was replaced by guitarist Eddie Van Halen's 16-year-old son, Wolfgang. However, this tour is the first to feature original frontman Roth since he went solo in 1985.

The tour's commencement was delayed when Eddie entered rehab in March, forcing him to miss his own induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. (Ironically, the only two members of the band to attend the ceremony are the two who are no longer in the band: Anthony and Roth's replacement as lead singer, Sammy Hagar.)

The hopes of fans were realized when David, Eddie, Alex, and, yes, Wolfgang took the stage in Charlotte on September 27. The tour's setlists have featured many of the old hits, and the shows have garnered mostly positive reviews.


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