DMB bassist’s house burns

Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard's house on Morgantown Road was consumed by fire this morning around 7am, NBC 29 is reporting. Lessard and his son were in the house but escaped without injury. However, the house, NBC 29 reports, is "likely a total loss." Fans and friends have already begun wishing Lessard well on his MySpace page, and NBC 29 has the video.


Consumed by fire this morning at 7:00 P.M.?

NBC 29 probably started the fire too! :)

It's OK, Dave. I was just busting your chops! :)


It was I who made the mistake of writing pm instead of am, not the folks at NBC 29. We corrected it. In fact, as far as I can tell, the folks at NBC 29 were the ones who broke this story.


Since The Hook hasn't yet written a headline titled "NBC 29 Sucks," I'd just like to say something pertinent. Sorry to hear it Stefan. Glad everybody's safe.

Come on 29 is a joke.
They can't write, can't talk and are generally lazy.