Hysterical historians? ‘tasteless’ history blog disappears

City Councilor Kendra Hamilton thought it was a "great idea," and fellow councilor Dave Norris called it a "wonderful new blog."

"I'm adding Hysterical Society to my blogroll," wrote Norris in a November 28 post on his own blog, cvilledave.blogspot.com, "and I applaud its rebellious creator for doing his part to help make Cville history come alive!"

But just 12 days after that rebellious Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society director, Douglas Day, launched his colorful blog, The Hysterical Society, Board members declared it "tasteless" and asked that a link to it on ACHS's website be removed.

"The Society needs more publicity, and a blog may be the way to go," incoming ACHS president Steven Meeks told the Hook [Historical hysteria: Society brass yank 'tasteless' blog. November 29], "but frankly, I think this was the wrong approach."

Day complied with the Board's wishes, but he continued, as a private citizen, to operate the blog, which took an irreverent approach to discussing local history and preservation. However, shortly after the Hook's November 29 story appeared, we noticed the blog had disappeared. It also appears that members of the Historical Society have clammed up.

"No comment," said Day when we asked what happened to his blog, despite being forthcoming in our previous story.

"I have no comment," said current ACHS president Paul Brockman when asked the same question.

Incoming ACHS president Steven Meeks, too, declined to comment, despite participating in our previous story.

For inhabitants of the blogosphere, a dead link to a previously lively discussion appears to be cause for mourning.

"I thought it was a cool way to drag in an audience the Historical Society didn't otherwise have," says photographer and local history buff, Bill Emory. "I think it's kinda sad they took it down."


What a load of hooey.

I read it an found nothing "tasteless" or objectionable about it. The fear is that this could serve as a portal for some truths about Charlbemarle's history to get out in perhaps a sometimes unflattering way. Fortunately, newcomers to the area are not interested in politically correct histories that abound here and will continue to seek out and publish histories that are closer to the truth in a responsible way. Blair Hawkins' Blog at http://super-blair.blogspot.com/ is quite interesting and factual.