Santa spotted by Moore’s Creek

A red-suited jolly guy has set up shop again this year on Mountainview Road Street in Hogwaller, one of the most exuberant light shows in the Charlottesville area. While perhaps not as sprawling as the Ruckersville show recently reported on, there's an intensity and musicality– not to mention a downtown proximity– that make this one of the more trafficked light shows in the area.

It's all work of Santa, in this case a man named Jeffrey Norford, who spends about a month each year turning his yard, above and behind Moore's Creek Restaurant (recently renamed County Line), into an illuminated wonderland.

He's getting help this year from forty blow-ups and about 30,000 lights–- not to mention his nephew and reindeer, Cory Oliphant, and his godson and gingerbread man, Chad Snow. (Disclosure: Norford delivers the Hook.)


So how do we get there? Directions from Cville? Sorry to be lame, but I've googled the restaurant and the guy (Norford) and can't figure out how to find this place.

Oh, sorry. From Charlottesville, you just head out of town on Monticello Avenue as if you're going to I-64 or the president's house. As you head down that steep hill toward I-64, look for a road on your left called Quarry Road. After one block, that's renamed Mountain View Street, and the house in question simply cannot be missed. It's on your left atop the hill. Lost? Here's a map.