Have a very Barbie Christmas

We noticed an unusual Christmas tree in the window of the Consignment House on the Downtown Mall this morning–- adorned with hundreds of Barbie dolls, hair rollers, disposable razors, and other popular female figurines and kitschy flotsam. It's the work of Andy Faith, a local artist who also teaches Fourth Grade at Stony Point Elementary School, says José Giron, who co-owns the Consignment House with Carla Torres.

"We put it up last night," says Giron. "It's heavy. I think it weighs about a hundred pounds, but it's on wheels so you can move it around easily."

According to Faith, this is the one and only Barbie tree she has done. " I would say it took me a total of about three and a half to four months to complete her, maybe putting in three to four hours a day," she says.

While Faith says the project was stalled by the unexpected deaths of her sister and father, which left her with little energy, working again on the Barbie tree got her creative juices flowing.

"I was in my own little Barbie trance," she says. "I became obsessed searching for visually exciting and funny things to surround all the dolls with. It turned out to be great fun and was the catalyst for moving me into working on more pieces."

Giron says he's displayed Ms. Faith's work in the past, and that the shop tries to support local artists, as a piece beside Faith's Barbie tree by local artist Rose Hill demonstrates.

So, want to put your presents under a Barbie tree this year? It's yours for $1,600, says Giron.