Norris says he’s the next mayor

City Councilor Dave Norris, after less than two years in office, has declared himself ready to step up and take the mayor's gavel. He made the announcement today on Coy Barefoot's show on WINA-AM 1070 radio. (Charlotesville's mayor is simply the Councilor who sets the agenda for the five-person City Council, which elects its own leader.)


Sounds like Norris decided, not the Council. I guess maybe it's just his turn, eh?

They usually fight it by email behind the scenes before the first meeting so continue the illusion of party cohesiveness. Then they go through the motions at the meeting of nominating and voting unanimously.
One time though, David Toscano and Blake Caravati was left out of the email decision; so, before Gary O'Connell, who was the temporary presider, could say "the floor is now open for nominations for the position of mayor" Toscano said "I nominate Blake Caravati." Caravati was not the one the others three had picked. But they were forced to go along to show party unity and he was elected unanimously. Ha, ha. It doesn't pay sometime to leave some people out.

These people are pussy cats compared to some of what has gone before. They may not take your advice, but at least they can repeat back what you say to them because they didn't tune you out.

I believe the other Councilors were Lynch, Richards and Cox. Apparently, they had come to an agreement between Richards and Cox, which I don't know. Since none of them nominated anyone, even during the 3-month pregnant pause after Caravati was nominated, I guess I will never know.
I will not name names for the hostility point because I do not want to precipitate a cascade of denials, but anyone watching the meetings every other week on TV could detect snide comments, feigned inattentiveness and occasional posturing in Council's discussions. Of course, then there was the problem of having Schilling on Council...

Ah, very interesting, thanks for the details. I think I know some of what you're referring to.

Personally, I don't think any Council could top the recent one for eye-rolling snarkiness and condescension though. Perhaps it was mostly just Kendra doing it, but it was so chronic, one had the impression it was perpetrated by multiple people. Whenever someone refers to her as a consensus builder, I am gobsmacked.

Julian Taliaferro often reminds me of the poor sleepy dormouse in Alice in Wonderland, god bless him. Guess that makes Brown the angry Mad Hatter banging his gavel then? And Dave Norris is Alice, looking at the others and wondering what the heck they've been smoking.

Nope, nothing wrong with single-party rule! It's just as asinine on the local level as it is on the national level.

I believe Brown was chosen to be mayor because Council recognized he was the best person to handle some underlying hostility among some of the Coucilors and they were right. Noriis was probably chosen because he knows how to run a meeting efficiently. Maybe he'll cut down on some of the midnight meetings.

Cville Eye-- that's a fascinating story. So that's how Caravati got to be mayor? Wonder who the other councilors were actually intending on voting for.

I'm curious about your comment vis a vis hostility and how Brown handled it. I've never actually seen him handle anything, so am wondering what the back-story was there.

I'm happy about Norris. He's an honest guy, and I have reason to think he'll stand up for the people. That would certainly be a refreshing change from what we've experienced under the Brown and Hamilton regime.