Halsey Minor buys Carter’s Grove

The historic Carter's Grove plantation, recently listed for sale by the Colonial Williamsburg foundation, is getting purchased by Charlottesville native gazillionaire Halsey Minor. Now living mostly in California, Minor founded several companies including Cnet, in which he sold thousands of shares at the height of the late-1990s dot-com boom. Having recently rescued Lee Danielson's long-planned Downtown Mall hotel from dormancy, Minor's money won't, however, tart up Carter's Grove, he says in a Daily Press interview.


Ms. Minor, I really wouldn't be too worried about any innuendo regarding Halsey's stock sales. He went into tech at a good time and made it work for him. Few people form firm personal judgments based on a sentence in a real estate report blurb.

As for Carter's Grove and "tarting up," if Halsey didn't say that, you've got some real objection to the inflammatory characterization. I would guess, though, that since William and Mary sold the property, it did so with an historic preservation easement and an open space easement applied to the Carter's Grove, held by the Virginia Board of Historic Resources (I'm its preservation architect member) and the Virginia Outdoors Foundation or the Piedmont Environmental Council, respectively. (If not, I'd be the first to point out the rich tax benefits available to negotiating such easements and the real emphasis Governor Kaine has placed on the state negotiating them, and urge you to telephone Calder Loth at the VDHR.) If so, "tarting up" wouldn't really be an option without a renegotiation of the easements, and shouldn't have even been part of the blurb.

Local Rambos, You should note that the Hook cites the Daily Press, and not the Daily Progress. The Daily Press covers Williamsburg.

The ignorant comments appear to come from those most coveting.

The house was shuttered for "renovations," and never re-opened to the public. It was listed on the market for $19 mill and the purchaser got a steal and the foundation unloaded a property that was beginning to rot. It has so many restrictions and public scrutiny associated with it that I don't know how anyone could ever be comfortable and free living there.

Wish I had made gazillions and could afford to buy an historic property. But I'd tell the minders where they could go.

Now sit back and watch as those most critical try to sidle up to the new owner.

At least I got to go through the remarkable house when it was still open to the public in 1999. WOW! And I have the book and a collected tulip poplar leaf to prove it.

Enjoy your house and your history, Babe! Congrats.

What are you going to do with the underground museum space? Would make a great bar/pool hall. GASP! Did I say that?

ever since i heard of the sale, i feel the recepent of carters grove is o.k. being from Missouri i have visited Williamsburg about 10 times. starting in l954. i simply loved it. reflecting in our l832 mo. house filled with l8th and early l9th century furniture. one of the highlights of wms.burg was and is carters grove. the last time my wife and i were there, approx. 2002 i felt it was more like disneyworld than williamsburg.(wmsburg, not carters grove). how do the henneges, sp. feel about their beautiful home, and antiques being given to wms. under the present circumstances?

Before soliciting comments from your readers, I feel they deserve a less biased and more accurate accounting of Halsey Minor. First, he made his "gazillions" by starting two nasdaq 100 companies which today employ thousands of people around the world. Secondly, as opposed to cashing out at the height of the 90's dot com boom, he rode it to the bottom and came back again. Never in his interview did he mention that his money would not "tart up" Carter's Grove because that thought would never have occured to him. This property will be honored and cherished and cared for by someone who truly appreciates it and understands its significants. In the larger scheme of things I actually think that Carter's Grove picked Halsey.

Actually, I have one question for you guys. What is your personal investment in writing an article filled with inacurate inuendos about a native Charlottesvillian who has come back to his community to enhance it?

Susan, I think The Hook is more or less simply repeating what the Daily Progess printed. They do this for people like me who have stopped reading the local paper for various reasons. As far as to how Halsey Minor accumalated his wealth, it's just not that important as long as he enjoys the wealth and puts the money to good use in the manner he chooses. And I suspect 75% of the population in Charlottesville and Albemarle County don't even know what Carter's Grove is or where it is.