Snap o’ the day: Western State goes condo

Phase one of the Villages of Staunton, formerly Western State Hospital and later Staunton Correctional Institute, has been completed. Condominiums are for sale in the 1839 building known as the Bindery, and renovation at the 45,000-square-foot Wheary Office Building, pictured, is underway.


Any online pictures anywhere?

Go to the website I gave above. There's a clickable map of groupds that shows the other stages of potential development. It's the website of the development company.

Thanks, C-ville Eye - yeah, that's cool. I hope they do a good job.

Staunton's a funny town - it's got a lot going for it, but time will tell whether of not there are enough people who will buy into living and working there. I lived there for about ten years, and ended up leaving because I was less than impressed with (my own perception of) its future. I wish them luck though - it's good that they're putting efforts into keeping people close to downtown, and to renovating that property and keeping some of it's architecture intact.

As I remember, the cemetery is up on the hill, sort of behind the main complex of the hospital/prison. I'd be interested in knowing what will become of all the property - the grounds are beautiful, and the buildings all seem pretty interesting. I'm sure that place could tell some good stories.

Yeah, I agree - it's got an appeal. And Staunton's future is brighter now than it has been for a long time.

But there's growth and then there's growth. Sure, Augusta is cheap and Albemarle is expensive. I mean, the same scenario was true when I moved away from there.

I guess my point is that Staunton (and Waynesboro) WILL grow, but there's a difference between people who will move to town because it's cheap, and people who move there believing in the community's aesthetic enough to plop down that kind of money on luxury condos. Time will tell.

Thanks, Ms. Provence. Took your advice, enlarged the picture and eventually found . Very interesting re-use. I may take a tour in the springtime.

There's a cemetery of Western State patients there somewhere on the land of the old hospital. Is anyone doing anything to make sure it is protected and memorialized and maintained? Lots of folks were sterilized at that place, also had their teeth pulled out as a "cure", insulin comas as a "cure", can't really imagine wanting to live in a place where people were tortured myself.

I think its attraction for people looking for a small town with some turn-of-the-century structures and a downtown will probably grow because the cost of living in Augusta is much cheaper than Albemarle.

Click on the Villages of Staunton link.

I went to the open house today. Nice loft condos for the most part. The uppermost floor was the only one open, and the only one with the lofts. Prices ranged from 450k to 850k. All the old buildings are going to be renovated; one into offices, one into a "botique hotel/spa." Gorgeous views of the city, gorgeous grounds. Too bad Staunton is just a hair too far to commute.