Willie Nelson covers Dave

Further advancing the reputation of Charlottesville's most famous ex-bartender, country music icon Willie Nelson has covered a Dave Matthews song. On the pony-tailed troubadour's forthcoming covers album, Moment of Forever, Willie Nelson does his own version of "Gravedigger" from Matthews' 2003 solo album Some Devil.

Although this is the first time the Red-Headed Stranger has done a rendition of a song by Matthews, the musical connection goes back all the way to 1995 when Dave Matthews Band first played Nelson's long-running annual Farm Aid benefit. Since then Matthews has performed at the fundraising festival nine of the last 11 years, and he has sat on Farm Aid's board since 2001.

Nelson returned the props to Matthews and company on July 16, 2006 when he performed at the Coran Capshaw-owned Charlottesville Pavilion.

Charlottesville FM radio station 106.1 The Corner played the song yesterday, and Amazon.com has posted a music video for the track, featuring Nelson portraying a cast of characters including a limousine driver, a priest, and, yes, a gravedigger. You can also listen to a sample of the song below. Moment of Forever hits record stores January 29.



Willie Nelson is an American icon and I am a big fan - but his cover of Gravedigger by Dave Matthews does not do it for me, at all. It was painful to listen to...

See what the intention here is; old buddies paying tribute to one another. As the song started, I do have to admit I cringed a little. But as Willie gets into it, I smiled at the range Willie has taken a challenge too. We would never hear Willie try and carry notes like he does in Gravedigger. So, for that, I like that he is up to the challenge of learning as he still sits in the seat of an all time American icon.

Dave has always been in awe of Willie, and I appreciate the acknowledgment by Willie. So, for appreciation sake, I like this. I guess this is similar to what Johnny Cash did with his last album.


thaks. tye

I gotta agree with you Chad........ painful...