City installs artistic bike racks

Working with Art-in-Place and the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation, the city is installing artistic bike racks at schools, parks, and other public areas. The first set of racks went up on January 14 at Washington Park, a pair of metal stick figures, created by artist Bill Hess, that will appear to be riding the bike parked beneath them; there is room for two more bikes on either side of the rack.

According to city trail planner Chris Gensic, three other racks will be installed at locations around the city in the next few months; a harlequin rolling two wheels by artist Nini Beckstrom for McGuffey Park, a "Bicycle in the Clouds" by Bob Batz for Jackson-Via Elementary, and a series of half wheels with spokes by Clay Hill Forge for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library downtown.


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Any planned to be incorporated in the re-bricked downtown Mall? If there was a redesign contest, maybe this idea would have come up. Let's have a contest!

Bike racks near the mall? Please. Remember the lovely experiment with free yellow bikes, and how they all vanished in two days?

Bikes just promote crime, and let's just say that the majority of the people that visit the mall don't do a lot of bike riding.

Let's not put any art up because people can run into it and split their heads open?!
How about making everything out of rubber? How about the kid trips over its own feet and hits its head on the evil ground? How about teaching our kids to be aware? Enjoy living in the desert (no sharp objects and soft ground).


"Sick of the Local Rambos", I have read you're many responses posted on this board and the more that you post; the more I am convinced that you are a complete idiot and a pitiful individual.

bike racks are a must!

but... I personally do not find these to be so pleasing to the eye

as far as the YELLOW BIKE PROJECT and theft...
well... that is another story

all shopping areas should embrace cycling as a way to travel

a bicyclist's Field of Dreams
if you build it... they will come

from a reader in Washington DC

a bicycle blog


What about puppy dogs and apple pie? If the puppy wants some apple pie, give it to him! :)

I can see some kid running into the bike racks now and splitting his head wide open. What will they think of next, "scirrors in place?"

You're against bicycles? What about puppy dogs and apple pie?

Now, if the city planners would *integrate* bicycle traffic into their planning. All this traffic calming over the past few years has made biking even more dangerous around town. Why? Every pinched intersection that has gone up is a new place for bikes to get squeezed into a motor vehicle. Just think, bikes could have been given a safe-haven lane right through many of those corner extenstions, instead. The city is great on art, but not on actually integrating cycling into its traffic plan. Just to be clear, I do applaud the city for hiring Chris G. and Chris for doing a great job himself.

Mr. Huja said it was fine the riders kept the bikes. They had been in unclaimed property anyway. Some kind of sculture should be added to the Mall to offset the frightening silhouettes.