Trees, decks icy; roads simply wet

6:30am update: According to the Charlottesville Newsplex, Albemarle has opted for a 2-hour delay. Hmm. Last time there was snow, Albemarle's crystal ball wasn't working quite right. They closed the schools in the middle of a howling mid-morning snowstorm, which saw 84 accidents, and then closed them again the next day when snow had burned off the asphalt like alcohol in a frying pan– when a two-hour delay might have made more sense.
IVY–- With temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark, the much-ballyhooed ice storm has graced trees and other above-ground structures with a thin coating of ice (and probably pulled a few of them down), but to the chagrin of sled-wielding kids (and kids-at-heart), any snow or ice accumulations on the ground and roads seem to have washed away with the steady rain.

While Fluvanna County has already declared a day off, and while at National Weather Service advisory remains in effect until 9am, at the Hook's test location near Ivy in Western Albemarle, asphalt surfaces–- even on secondary roads and driveways–- are the picture of traction, suggesting that any attempt to close or delay schools in this vicinity might be based on emotion rather than evidence.


Charlottesville's already announced a two-hour delay on its website!

And so has Albemarle!

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