Snap o’ the day: Carr’s Hill Field

This is how Carr's Hill Field looked yesterday morning at 7:58am evening at 6:58pm from the window of a passing vehicle. Nearly two years ago, UVA put an end to the perennial cycle of rock hard dirt vs. sloppy mud by laying drainage pipes under the field and installing a Prestige brand artificial turf, which covers a cushioning bed, in the words of associate athletic director Mark Fletcher, of "tons and tons of recycled tennis shoes."


I agree with your post..But lets see how it goes on..

Your timestamp of 7:58am can't be right. The sun rose at 7:14am yesterday. By 8:00am it's entirely light, with the morning twilight long over. Even by 6:58am it's lighter than that.

How early are you going work, anyway? ;)

I was just thinking the same thing...

Yeah, that definitely makes more sense. Misunderstanding, no problem.

Can we forget about my last comment, which I posted before I had my coffee this morning? I am completely wrong in pretty much every regard. It turns out the photo was not taken at 7:58am or 7:58pm. Now that I'm in my office (and not mindlessly blathering from home), I see that I shot that photo at 6:58pm on Tuesday, February 5. Please accept my sincere apology for my original error and my compounding error!--Hawes Spencer, humbled Hook photojournalist

Hawes, everybody makes mistakes. Admitting the mistake, especially in public, takes courage. Your credibility just increased. :)

Gentlemen, the timestamp don't lie! It was an overcast morning. I'll post another photo shot on West Main that actually shows how the clouds looked Tuesday morning. Then we'll see if you're convinced.--hawes spencer, Hook photojournalist

That makes more sense. :)