Obama coming back to Charlottesville?

Today's Washington Post reports that, in an effort to turn out the vote in Virginia's Democratic presidential primary next Tuesday, February 12, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is coming back to to Charlottesville either Sunday or Monday.

A spokesperson for the Obama campaign claims that so far no event has been scheduled, but "He could schedule something before the primary."

If the Illinois senator is planning to use the Charlottesville Pavilion– as he did for his $250,000 October 29, 2007 fundraiser– it's news to Pavilion general manager Kirby Hutto. "I haven't heard a peep, but we'd love to have it," Hutto says.

Should Obama decide to make a Charlottesville campaign stop, it would make a lot of political sense to UVA professor and political pundit Larry Sabato. "[Obama] needs to maximize the youth vote and the upscale, highly educated vote in places like Charlottesville," he told the Hook yesterday.

As for whether rival candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) will also be making a return to Charlottesville, a campaign spokesperson tells the Hook, "There's nothing scheduled yet, but everything is so fluid, we could do it the day before."

6:50pm update: A Clinton campaign spokesperson confirms to the Hook that Sen. Clinton will lecture and field questions from students in Prof. Larry Sabato's Introduction to American Politics class Monday, February 11.



Go Hillary Clinton!!! :-) As long as she makes good decisions for the country who cares that she is not "Mrs. Personality Plus". We all know by now that she is a strong personality and she and Bill Clinton have weathered a lot of difficulties (self made and others) She will definitely be the President, and Bill will be a great "goodwill ambassador" There is room for only one personality plus person in the Whitehouse so Hillary AND Bill have my vote (we get two for the price of one) :-)

Bill Clinton as a goodwill ambassador? Yeah, some goodwill he spread in South Carolina. Let's end the divisiveness of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton era and make a change.

Vote Obama!

Go Hillary? Are you kidding me? She is the Great Serpent. I cannot watch her speak without retching. Hillary will do anything and say anything to get elected. There is no low to which she will not stoop; no lie that she will not tell. She embodies everything wrong with American politics.

Obama has just as much experience as a lawyer and legislator as Hillary Clinton. All of the "ready on day one" talking points that she spouts are just pure spin.

As far Obama's platform being more rhetorical than substantive -- maybe you should listen to his speech given last night in Richmond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hUngQ8-wLU

Enough already!

Only one candidate running is qualified to be president-John McCain.
He has both the personal qualities and the experience for the job. He will have no illusions about the terrorist threat-he was a prisoner of the Hanoi terrorists for years.
Unlike the DemLibs he will "bomb Iran' or anyone else that needs it.
Too bad we don't have someone running things here in town who wild bomb Westhaven and Friendship Court and wipe out the terrorists in white tee-shirts.

Even as a lifelong Democrat, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary or the general election. I think that her nomination will devastate the national aspirations of the Democratic party by helping mobilize the conservatives and keeping moderate Democrats from voting. I saw one strategist who described her as having "toxic coattails," a position with which I agree. Her nomination may risk Democratic gains in Congess and state legislatures as well.

As for Obama, he would not be my first choice as I believe he does lack experience and his message of hope and reconciliation remains more rhetorical than substantive. Nonetheless, he may mobilize young people as well as African Americans to vote in numbers that may improve Democratic representation in Congress allowing less gridlock and a more progressive agenda to advance. Bringing young people into the political process and particularly into the Democratic party is a worthwhile goal and may help dilute the disproportionate influence of the senior citizens and the Baby Boomers.

I look forward to the day (hopefully soon) when the names Clinton and Bush are both used only in the past tense. If New York wants to keep Hillary as their U.S. Senator, good for them. But the Clintons in the White House again ????? Never. It's time to get rid of the polarizers; put them in the past where they belong. Time to move forward folks.......OBAMA !

God forgive those who vote for Hillary Clinton. It would be like voting for Lucifer himself, but worse.

And, just to respond to a comment above - Bill Clinton as a goodwill ambassador? Surely you mean his obvious goodwill towards interns, secretaries, and other creatures that he has pleasured? Then again, I wouldn't want to have relations with Lucifer's rejected child either.

Hillary Clinton is not fit to be a President. Should we make a great warden at Atascadero though.