Calhoun wins My Grammy Moment

After weeks of voting, Gordonsville violinist Ann Marie Calhoun won the YouTube "My Grammy Moment" competition, and with it a featured spot performing alongside the Foo Fighters at tonight's Grammy Awards. Rocking out with the alt-rockers, Calhoun had her time to shine during the orchestral interlude, when she didn't get to perform a solo, but did have the camera squarely on her smiling face playing along with her 14 fellow semi-finalists. To read more about Calhoun's Grammy experience, check out her interview with the Hook on Friday.


yes, where was the much touted 'solo' that they were competing for? I was disappointed, and a bit ticked. I was delighted for Ann Marie, and happily did my part, stuffing the ballot box; I told friends and family, and they voted. Tonight, I somewhat less happily forced myself to sit through an excruciating hour and a half of the Grammy Awards. Weeks of anticipation to see the big payoff, her big moment playing with the Foo Fighters. Which never came. They did finally show her in the row of violinists, playing exactly what they were playing. If I were her, I'd feel like I'd been used somehow. They pushed this thing so hard, and made such a big deal out of it, and then didn't follow through!

Well, she will be fine, anyway. I will never forget the first time I saw and heard her in 1999 at a little joint in White Hall. She was there for a bit of bluegrass jamming with her brother and a few friends. She walked into the room, a beautiful young lady, pulled out her violin and began to play. I was stunned, both visually and harmonically, thinking to myself, if there is any justice at all in the arts, this gal will eventually be recognized nationally, if not globally. I'm happy for her.