Getting hit by Chris Long

As UVA football player Chris Long heads to the combine in Indianapolis on Thursday, the folks over at, UVA's sports website, show us why he's a first round NFL draft pick. Ouch!


Chris Long's parents have done one heck of a job raising this fine young man. He like many before him (Tiki, Ronde, & others) is what is best about Virginia sports- real student athletes
My hats off to the Chris, Diane, & Howie.

I believe that was the sack-for-a-safety on Maryland's QB, whose name I forget but who (even Maryland fans agree) looks a lot like Napolean Dynamite. My favorite Sabre board comment regarding that hit was something like this: "Yeah, Napolean is still picking up his tots in the end zone."

Chris seems to be a very decent kid, and he's going to be tremendous asset to whatever NFL team snags him.