Van Halen tickets still available

Two days away from the Charlottesville show, Van Halen has still not sold out the house at John Paul Jones Arena. A JPJ official concedes that the facility expects a crowd of "upwards of 12,000-13,000," well short of the venue's capacity of 16,000. Indeed, the Hook's own attempt at purchasing tickets through the JPJ website this morning reveals that there are still seats available at all price levels, which climb from $61.55 in the nosebleeds to $170.10 for a seat in range of getting splattered by sweat from David Lee Roth.

This non-sellout represents something of an anomaly for the reunited rockers, as they have been filling arenas across the country and were the fifth-highest grossing tour of 2007 behind only the likes of Justin Timberlake (who also failed to sell out his JPJ show) and the Police (which sold out its JPJ gig at the last minute).

This lack of a clamor for Van Halen tickets comes just on the heels of Blue Man Group's JPJ performance this past weekend, at which one Hook reporter observed whole sections of both floor and bowl seating to be almost completely empty.

These two developments mark a continuation of a trend the Hook reported on in October of big name national acts like Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, and Billy Joel coming to the new arena and not being able to fill the house, the largest in the state. However, unlike some of the above, Van Halen is not playing in the D.C. or Tidewater area immediately before or after their Charlottesville date, thus not siphoning off potential concert-goers from those parts of the state.

To date, the only acts to sell out the entire arena in the "The Jack's" short history are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, the Police, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, the touring production of Disney's High School Musical, the back-to-back shows by Dave Matthews Band.

2:00pm update: A source with knowledge of the arena alleges that the configured capacity for the Van Halen show is in he neighborhood of 13,000, of which fewer than 1,000 seats are available. The initial post had reported a greater capacity.



Let's not forget that there already been VH shows in fairly close locations such as Charlotte, Greensboro and D.C last fall, not to mention another show on March 7th in Raleigh....

Billy Joel sucks ass....even if he did sell out JPJ.

Yeah I think all this bloggin' is makin' my panties wad up. As far as going to Van Halen - I remember when Diver Down just came out on album and I had a Circus Parade with Eddie Van Halen with the white/red strip electric of which the cover went on my wall. This craps makin' me feel oooooooold. - "Life goes on - with out me" DLR

Yea, I think the story is less "Charlottesville can't fill arenas" and more overpriced for underwhelming talent. I know, I know, these acts are selling out elsewhere, but still.

Only VH show in the state and it's not sold out? Pathetic showing by local residents. I saw the Greensboro show back in September and it was worth FAR more than the price of admission.

I just read Dave McNair's article from October and I am not impressed. I'm not talking about just the factual inconsistencies (billy joel and rascal flatts weren't sell outs???), but really missing the whole concept of how the large-scale touring industry and arena management works. When you talk about JPJ booking shows, they are not actually paying the artist and pocketing the ticket revenue, they are RENTING THE FACILITY to promoters. The average person has no clue about this difference and it makes a big deal when your critiquing JPJ's success/failure in relation to ticket sales. Also, mentioning some artists like Bob Dylan and James Taylor and making it seem like a big deal that they didnt sell out 16,000 seats! Are you kidding me! Did you do any research about these artists average ticket sales nationally or even at a few other nearby venues? Do you have any clue if the promoter even expected them to sell 16,000 seats. I doubt it.

I think its hilarious how you can look at Pavilion and say in THREE years they have only sold out a few shows (with less than a third capacity of JPJ) yet right it off because of one quote from the GM saying "the Pavilion doesn't have to sell out to make money if acts are chosen wisely". Um, are you kidding me! Great journalism.

Maybe it's the ridiculous price of the tickets? Ever think of that? People are really getting bent over on this one and maybe they are getting tired of it. Blue Man Group? How many times are they going to come to JPJ? They have been there at least 3 times. Maybe people are getting tired of them. You think? I think a little common sense will answer most of these questions.

My wife told me the same thing about Billy Joel, and someone close to the events alleges that--- contrary to our original list of sold out shows--- that both Billy Joel and Rascal Flatts should be added to the list of sold-out shows. Maybe we can get the JPJ to confirm this soon.--hawes spencer, hook editor

I'm pretty sure Billy Joel sold out. I was there and didn't see an empty seat in the house.

The Blue Balls Group. Give me a break.

David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar at Niagra Falls, "Go ahead and Jump!"

Please remember, it's Charlottesville. Van Halen in Charlottesville. Charlottesville is not New York, DC or Boston. UVA plus po' folk does not a Rock concert make.

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So the show is canceled. Weather related? Rumor going around that there was fight at the Omni last night?
The ticket prices are not that bad, but those freaking surcharges are what kill me. I can drive to Roanoke and watch the Monster Trucks for a hell of a lot less, and have a MUCH better show than to drive from Nelson County to JPJ and watch. Last years Monster Jam at JPJ sucked.

I'm with IceCreamMan! I saw the Greensboro show because there wasn't a VA show on the tour at that time. When the JPJ show was announced, I was on it like stink on poo! Ticket price is not the issue and believe me, I'm not rich! VH is an icon of my generation and the chance to see them here in-state was all it took for me to find a way in. Greensboro was great and I can't wait to do it again! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to. Regardless of the reschedule date, I'LL BE THERE READY TO ROCK ON!