Steve Earle coming to the Paramount

Fresh off his recent Grammy success, country singer-songwriter Steve Earle is coming to the Paramount Theater Tuesday, April 15. Tickets for the performance go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

With his 1986 debut album Guitar Town, critics hailed Earle as the next great singer-songwriter in the vein of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. But soon his life began to imitate his outlaw-themed lyrics, and time in prison kicking heroin led to a two-year hiatus in the early '90s. But Earle soon returned with the critically acclaimed Train A-Comin', which earned him the 1996 Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

As renowned as Earle is for his music, he's equally if not more famous for his left-leaning politics. In 2002, he raised his profile by attracting both cheers and jeers for "John Walker's Blues," a song written from the perspective of captured American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh and featuring such controversial lyrics as "If my daddy could see me now, chains around my feet/ He don't understand that sometimes a man/ Has got to fight for what he believes." Earle said he never intended the song to be an endorsement of Lindh's beliefs, but stated, "I'm not trying to get myself deported or something. In a big way this is the most pro-American record I've ever made. I feel urgently American."

Since then, he has gone on to lend his song "The Revolution Starts... Now" to Michael Moore to promote his 2004 film, Fahrenheit 9/11, and it's also the theme song of Earle's weekly political talk show on Air America Radio.

Last month, Earle won a third Grammy for his album Washington Square Serenade, which took home the award for Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album.

Earle's opening act will be his wife, fellow singer-songwriter Allison Moorer.

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