Van Halen reschedules JPJ show to March 11

After backing out of their original date at JPJ only hours before showtime on Friday, February 22, Van Halen announced today that they have rescheduled their Charlottesville show for Tuesday, March 11, sandwiched between gigs in Baltimore and East Rutherford, New Jersey. The band will also make fans in the Atlanta area happy by taking the stage on Wednesday, March 19 to make up for the show they bagged on Monday.

So why did the rock legends put the ix-nay on arlottesville-Chay in the first place? The press release doesn't say. When asked for an explanation this afternoon, Van Halen publicist and Eddie Van Halen squeeze Janie Liszewski declined to comment.

Tickets are still available for the show and can be purchased through the JPJ website.

Will Van Halen manage to finish what they started the second time around? For an indicator, Virginia Van Halen fans should keep their eyes on Dallas on Monday, March 3, the band's next scheduled performance.



Maybe they have been doin too much In-Halen?

Because they got into a fight on the bus while in Florida, than cancelled like a bunch of spolied babies.

They are probably mad that the shows are not selling out.

BS they have been playin to sold out shows