UVA’s Paige graced Playboy’s cover

The Hook doesn't have a subscription, so we missed it when UVA alum and one-time Hotseat-sitter Amanda Paige graced the cover of Playboy last September. Click the thumbnail to view the whole thing. According to her MySpace page, Paige is still active with Hugh Hefner and company, and Playboy Promotions still acts as her booking agent.


I have the September copy. I picked it up for the article on Muscle Cars. Honest, that was the only reason! :)

FLaker, what are you talking about?

LOL..im sure that is the only reason u pick up the magazine Sick of the LAPD Wannabes...and a magazine will be the closest you ever get to any real p***y. My guess is that you sit around and j/o looking at badges and guns...wishing you would have remained awake while on duty...lol