Van Halen cancels tour?

Nine days after postponing their John Paul Jones Arena gig, and nine days before their scheduled make-up date, Van Halen may be scrapping the entire remainder of their reunion tour. According to Hollywood gossip site, guitarist Eddie Van Halen is having "issues" and the band has already begun canceling hotel reservations in towns where they have upcoming concerts.

Representatives of Van Halen and promoter LiveNation could not be reached at the time of this post.

As the Hook pointed out this week, should Van Halen bag the tour altogether, it would not be the first time the band's efforts have been derailed due personal issues.

Nor would it be the first time that a big name band has had to cancel a rescheduled date on Charlottesville. The Allman Brothers Band had to postpone their September 25, 1971 University Hall concert due to a court date stemming from a drug bust, and rescheduled their double bill with B.B. King for December 11. However, on October 29, guitarist Duane Allman got into the motorcycle accident that cut his life short at the age of 24.

March 3, 12:39pm update: The Newark, New Jersey Star-Ledger reports that a representative for opening act Ryan Shaw confirms the tour has been canceled.

1:52pm update: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, where Van Halen was to play tonight, has announcd on its website that the show has been "postponed." Coincidentally, guitarist Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli will hold a signing of her tell-all memoir Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time at a Dallas Borders bookstore, according to the Dallas Morning News.

3:20pm update: Now Billboard reports that sources close to Van Halen say the band is not canceling the tour, in spite of tonight's postponement in Dallas, the third consecutive concert they have had to reschedule. Still no official reason for the nixed gigs from either Van Halen or LiveNation. The band is also reportedly skipping this week's shows in Cincinnati, Raleigh, and Baltimore, meaning that the eyes of Van Halen fans the world over will be on– you guessed it– John Paul Jones Arena on Tuesday, March 11 to see whether the tour will indeed continue.

5:10pm update: The band has released a statement on its website confirming that the reason behind the recent postponements is, indeed, Eddie Van Halen. "According to Eddie Van Halen's physician," the statement reads, "he is undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures."



Is Eddie really on the pipe? That's not a nice rumor. I am muchly looking forward to VH at the JPJ. Is it going to happen?

imasmf - i miss the Trax days also. Charlottesville music scene is pretty lame. Charlottesville is behind the times and too cool for school when it comes to rock and electronica. All these local whiny fartsy bands can kiss my grits.

What if they canceled a rock tour and nobody noticed?

People love to see something fall to pieces don't they. I got to see them 4 times before with Roth and I saw them in Greensboro. It was a very good show and I hope they can knock out these dates and leave the fans with what everyone knows they have wanted to 20+ years. I don't execept a lot more after the tour, but I hope they get back on track and head out and finish on top as they should.

amen imasmf & solo!!!

who gives a sh**

i do. They are playing dallas, and i have good seats a**h***.

I'm going to be really pissed - I am taking my son tonight in Dallas - great seats - last saw them twenty years ago, my son idolizes Eddie.

I'm not the guy you want to let your son idolize.... unless you want him to grow up to become a crack addicted loser!

Hey Solo, no need to WORRY, I have LARYNGITIS!!! So grab your tissues and wipe those tears be a man and have no fears!!!
VAN HALEN will rock your A** off!!!

I got screwed 20+ years ago when they were on the monsters of rock tour. and it rained so hard the show stopped in the middle of the scorpians set.
Dam they owe it to the fans to get back out here.

Well since I live in Charlottesville, I care! This town sucks for music, we used to have a decent club called trax that got some good rock/metal/punk but they closed about 7 years ago. Since then its only artsy fartsy "alternative type of music. VH coming to town was the biggest thing in a long time for us aging rockers. Cancelation last week was bad enough now we're dissapointed again. :(

You can forget about Dallas or anywhere else. VH is DONE! R.I.P. One of the greatest rock bands in history will be nothing but memories. Listen closely and you'll hear the fat lady singin'.

I HAD awsome seats for the Dallas Show. Women & Cuildren Firts was my first show, a couple in between & then 3 years ago w/ Sammy (Don't get me wrong, they were Awsome!). Now I hear they have rescheduled for the night before Rush is playing in Dallas. I'm betting and SPENDING my money on RUSH! They've lost my confidence AND business.

Johny Rotten, not crack.... Heineken. If you look @ pics of Eddie back in the day he's got a Heiney either in his hand or nearby. Eddie has had a LONG TIME problem with alcohol. Attach and ego problem to that and you have a recipe for .... well... exactly what you're seeing here. Simply put I think Eddie is an alcoholic who can't hold down a job. I hope he gets some help.

If you missed em 20+ years ago it will never be the same today. Wolf Gang Bang the wonder boy will NEVER fill Michaels shoes. your money and remeber the way they were. The old but best VH Rest In Peace!

What if everyone was an idiot like Music Lover?

Eddy is a crack head

Those damn coppers. I just know that had something to do with this..