Dems give Perriello the nod to face Goode in ‘08

Now that yesterday's filing deadline for candidates has come and gone, it's official that Ivy-based human rights activist Tom Perriello is the Democratic nominee to take on Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Rocky Mount) in this year's Fifth District congressional race. "The people of our district want leaders who share their values and will fight day and night to create good-paying jobs, make sure every family has access to a doctor, and get America's national security back on course," says Perriello in a press release. Keep an eye out for the Hook's HotSeat profile of the newly minted standard-bearer in an upcoming issue.


Here is someone who has spent absolutely no time building any kind of a record whatsoever doing anything for anyone in the district and now he wants to be the Congressman. According to VPAP, before last year he nor anyone in his family had never given any money to any candidate in a Virginia race. According to Open secrets the same is true of federal campaigns. He has spent his time in New York and other places and his resume looks like it is padded like an overstuffed sofa.

What has he done for anyone in the district ? Has he helped build the party. No. Did he help Al Weed or Meredith Richards at all. No

Now he drops in an wants to be the Congressman. What a joke.

Could Virgil Goode be any more worthless? He has done absolutely nothing for this district. He flip-flops parties with whatever way the wind blows. He sponsors no legislation, and he ignores the needs of our people. Virgil is an embarrassment, period.

Your comments that his experience is inflated are just wrong. And I don't know why you are so bent on disbelieving and attacking him.

As for money coming from outside - so what, ever thought that some of those poeple used to live in the 5th? Have family that still do or care about it for other reasons? At least it's clean money.

If you want to harp on not having been involved in the legistlature till now, then fine, but our congressmen have to come from somewhere and at this stage, I think a fresh body would do us good. No MZM money ties, etc.

Not all congressmen are developed from within. Thank god.

Tom is the real deal: donate, donate, donate!

Virgil should have put out on a press release on the MZM affair. Remember?

"In 2005, Goode faced questions when a major corporate campaign donor, defense contractor MZM, Inc., was implicated in a bribery scandal that resulted in the criminal conviction and resignation of California congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Although Goode insisted that his relations with MZM were motivated solely by his interest in bringing high-paying skilled jobs to his district, in December of that year he donated the $88,000 received in MZM contributions to regional charities.

On July 21, 2006 Richard Berglund, a former supervisor of the Martinsville, Va. office of MZM Inc., pleaded guilty to making illegal donations to Goode's campaign. Court papers indicated that Berglund and MZM owner Mitchell Wade (who previously pleaded guilty) engaged in a scheme to reimburse MZM employees for campaign donations." (source: wikipedia)

Tom is a force to be reckoned with - don't underestimate him, he's far more then just a nice guy.

I've been following his campaign via which is a good dem site for news and opinion. You can also check out his site:

It's going to be a real race, and one that can be won.



List the exact positions Perriello has had and who he worked for so the voters can do a little research. Don't just say he worked on such and such project. That's like saying someone who showed up at a rally for a new road was instrumental in building the road. Thats how his resume reads. Why shouldn't an inflated resume be asked about ?

You and I know that his family,just those with his last name and not some who might be family but not so easy to check, have given tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign. NONE has done a thing previously to help any other Democrat running for office. They are just like your candidate, caring abut the district only when it benefits one of their own.

He has never been to most of the district and will a good driver or a map to find his way but now he is the candidate. What a joke.

Name the people who used to live in the district other than his family who are donating to his campaign since that is a claim you are making. Back it up. You won't find many if any at all.

It is important that someone have experience if they are going to get anything done. Take off your blinders and do a little research and you will see how much Virgil has done. Just because he does not issue a press release every time like some is a mark of his humble nature. Go ask the chairman of your Board of Supervisors about Virgil's assistance. Then write again.

I'd like to see your sofa

He grew-up here in the 5th then left to do serious, world changing work and is now back ready to use that passion and experience to serve us. Hardly a life path that should be attacked.

Are we better served by people who never left? Who don't know a world beyond their own? Our district is suffering from issues influenced from outside - outsourced jobs, Washington shafting us on healthcare, poor energy choices, etc.

Obviously I am speaking as a person who has known Tom for a long time (I am not affiliated with the campaign). There is nothing phony about him or the work he has done. But maybe you'd rather hear this from someone else so let me quote an article from the Danville paper:

Rev. James A. Forbes Jr... joked that he was a little suspicious of people like Perriello because politicians have used him before. He said Perriello knew more about the issues facing the country than he did and that set him apart from the rest.

¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??Keep your eye on this brother. He's for real,¢Ã¢â??¬ Forbes said. ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??He knows how to get things done.¢Ã¢â??¬

The 5th was drawn for Virgil. Nobody has been able to knick his armor. He's been virtually worthless as a Member of Congress, but that hasn't mattered so far. Why should that change? His district has a base made for him. I'd love to be proven wrong, but everybody was optimistic about Richards (I never knew why), and the 5th District Dems let Weed run again after losing by 30 points the first time! I know, I know - Perriello is different! The problem is Goode is the same, and so is the District. He can mail this one in just like he always has.

He has no experience as a legislator in any form so he wants to start out at the congressional level. His so called serious,world changing work resume is inflated like a balloon and it will burst when it is examined. The vast majority of his money is coming from outside the district. The minister you point to is one of the most liberal in America. Just google his name and see what you find. Perriello has gone out on the road to events and has not been able to answer questions but has given a, "I'll have to check on that answer." He is not ready fro prime time at all.

The voters in the district will be a little more than suspicious.

He told people early on this was a targeted race and then the DNCC did not have it on their list. That's really good for credibility. He still isn't on the list and never will be. When the good Democrats see the Perriello has been been giving them a full load of bs on this, they will soon see how much of the rest of him is made up also.

He looks like a nice guy. He has no idea that he's about to be shat upon by Virgil and 65% of the district.

He is a nice guy, but he's no stuffed shirt waiting to be shat upon. Virgil's never faced an opponent like Tom, and whether or not Virgil knows it yet, he's outclassed.

Goode won't trounce Perriello like he has his past opponents. Anyone who's been paying attention knows that Goode has been outpaced in fundraising this time around, plus there's a considerable backlash against Republicans all over the country right now, even in previously "safe" districts like VA-5. It's going to be close, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Perriello eked out the win.

I'm not going to out people on this board as living in the district or not when they contributed. That doesn't change what I know.

Who cares if his family gave him contributions and not other democratic candidates? They vote and have done a hell of a lot for the community in non-political ways. I can't speak for them, but will say that I didn't feel moved to give support till recently, which says 3 things:

1) I think things are going pretty badly right now
2) I think Virgil is an embarrassment to VA bc of the Ellison episode, MZM, etc
3) I believe in Tom

I don't keep Tom's resume on hand, but this is from res publica, which he co-founded:

Tom Perriello: Before co-founding Res Publica, Tom served as Special Advisor to the Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, a United Nations tribunal, and as a Yale Law School/OSI Teaching Fellow in West Africa. He has worked for the US State Department, the International Centre for Transitional Justice and others on human rights and legal reform efforts in Afghanistan, Sudan, Kosovo, Argentina, Chile, India, and the United States. Prior to law school, he worked as Assistant Director of the Center for a Sustainable Economy (now part of Redefining Progress) and as a consultant on youth and environmental campaigns. elections. Tom is also a founder of the Catholic Alliance for the Common Good. He holds a BA in Humanities from Yale College and a J.D. from Yale Law School and is a member of the New York State Bar.

I've met the people he worked with, I've seen the photos from his oversees experience, and if you read the NYC times, you too may recall his efforts after Abu Graib:

You wanted an example of something behind the words... I'd say that's a pretty good one.

Maybe you should sit down with him and then judge. I think you'd come away with a completely different opinion. He is truly someone who has the capacity to change the world in a positive way, that he can bring that to the 5th district for us is an amazing opportunity.

On the other hand, if this is all about your pro-Virgil convictions, I think we'd be far more interested in hearing what he does that is so great and why he should get to stick around.