No Valen Halen tomorrow night

D'oh! Just a day before their scheduled make-up date, Van Halen is putting the remainder of the band's reunion tour on hold until April 19, according to a release from the John Paul Jones arena, which notes that founding guitarist Eddie Van Halen is under a doctor's care.

Charlottesville's hopes were initially postponed on the very day of their John Paul Jones Arena gig, and according to Hollywood gossip site, guitarist Eddie Van Halen is having "issues."

The Arena release says that rescheduled dates will be announced "shortly."


Van Halen is officially now a bunch of dried up old turds.

I saw the show in South Florida. Audio sucked. Couldnt hear any of the vocals. But Eddie did play as good as he did when he was 20. Wolfie is overweight and cant move around very well. He looks completely out of place with his dad, his uncle, and DLRoth who all look like toothpicks next to this plump kid who can barely move. Not much of a show. And Eddie is up there smoking his cigarette on stage. No wonder he is under "doctors care". His body just cant take the punishment at 53 and the cigarettes are killing him.

Consider yourselves lucky if you can go get your money back. I saw them in Atanta in Feb and the show sucked due to major sound problems. Either way this tour is done.

Van halen should do some aging rocker geritol commercials and some daytime tv appearances with michael Bolton and kenny g

They are KILLING me!!!

AND THE CRADLE WON'T ROCK!!! Good lord man, WTF? Maybe they should have done this reunion tour a little earlier before they got too old or maybe Wolfie can gather up some of his buddies and play. Maybe Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony can put something togehter and give us a show sooner! I for one am considering getting my money back and getting tired of waiting. Never heard of a show being canceled twice. Yeah "soon", yeah right.

Put a fork in it, this tour is done. Frankly I was pissed about the first cancellation, now these idiots are doing again. Time for refunds......

What comes around goes around. Boot Mikey and see what you get! Karma's a witch ain't it?

You tell 'em, Fair Weather!

Long live the MIGHTY VH! I'll be there for the Raleigh show (postponed or not!)

Perhaps Eddie is seriously ill? Perhaps his playing ability is being affected by said illness? Real fans have waited 24 years for this tour to happen, but some of you whiney little p*ssies won't wait and extra two months.

The band has completed over 40 shows - the majority being 100% sold out. They have every incentive to continue. The leg that was just postponed was also 95% sold out. All reports say that Eddie and Dave are getting along just fine. Health issues happen, no matter what the age.

Go ahead. Refund your tickets. Please make them available to others who will be happy to take your place. Cry babies.

You guys that are bellyachin are kooks. Worried about yourselves only. You think he wouldn't rather be out playing for you than in a hospital hoping to stay alive? I've got Gold Package tickets for Grand Rapids, luckily already saw them in Indy, but couldn't care less about if they make it or not, just that Ed gets healthy. Man, this is no way to go out. Not for the Great One. Say a prayer for Eddie.

Bri, That's really nice you have seen them once and have "gold package" tickets. We are so happy for you. No wonder your not bellyachin.


I agree with you. I have seen them in Indy, Atlanta and Chicago. I am still holding ticekts to St Louis and Cincinnati. I hope Eddie gets well enough to perform.

Romeo Delight people....