Here’s new shop site

Click and then look to the mid-upper left, and this is where that new, just-approved Fifth and Avon Center shopping center is going. (That's I-64 running vertically along the left, Avon Street perpendicular at bottom, and Fifth Street upper middle.) – July 2006 photo by Skip Degan


Holy crap an Emmet Boaz reference!

I live off of 5th Street and would be pretty happy if I didn't have to go to 29N for a grocery store, home improvement store, or movie theater! Knock the building down and send it out for recycling. Cut the trees down and send them to the mill to create flooring to be in the newly constructed shops. Hey, and while we're at it, let's make this a movie house where you can get a beer or glass of wine while watching a movie.

There's a need, there's a space, and there's money to build it: I'd like to see bulldozers in there tomorrow creating a dust cloud you can see five miles away!

Does the new center go right on top of that giant warehouse or airplane hangar thing--and what is that thing, anyway?

That is the old Grand Furniture warehouse, and it will be going away.

Yes, I should have given you this key link, which is our reporter Lisa Provence's first story on the project back in 2003, which suggests that that the big "airplane hangar thing" is indeed the Grand Piano & Furniture warehouse.--Hawes Spencer, Hook editor