Van Halen reschedules yet again

Van Halen fans are hoping the third time is the charm. After backing out on their original John Paul Jones Arena date just hours before showtime on February 22, and nixing their make-up date of March 11, the veteran rockers have rescheduled all 19 of their postponed dates, including their Charlottesville show, which will now take place Friday, May 2, according to a press release.

Why all the switcheroos? After rumors that the band was canceling the tour outright hit the Internet, Van Halen issued a statement on March 2: "According to [guitarist] Eddie Van Halen's physician, he is undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures."

The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers will try again to get the show on the road on Saturday, April 19 at Tiger Woods' "TigerJam" charity benefit in Las Vegas, followed by the band's first arena gig three nights later at Cincinnati's U.S. Bank Arena.



I hope Eddie gets well....

He does not! There are others who can play better, the drunker they get for sure......."The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get"

He is the best drunk players you can find.......


You are the best guitarist ever! Get well soon!

Eddie plays better drunk thank any guitarist today. Wish him well, he'll get better, keep chargin Ed!

Three strikes you're out!!! I'll believe it when I see Diamond Dave standing on stage in some goofy embroidered outfit.

3 blahs

Eddie brought it! Dave is still amazingly sexy... best concert i've been to in a long while.