26% of freshHoos own a Mac

Watch out Windows. In just five years, the percentage of UVA first years using a Macintosh has shot from four percent to 26 percent, according to UVA's figures, which provide the basis of a Chronicle story.


Your statistic is skewed because the number of web surfers is huge next to the number of mackers online. Of course this info is not given. I thought all the UVA clones were issued the same macbook and black north face jacket (some color options withstanding) on the first day of classes. Are these two indicators of intelligence and youth not included with tuition?

"freshHoos"??? as opposed to stale Hoos?
They are 1styearhoos, get with the program!

I guess UVA is attracting a greater number of intelligent students in the past five classes.

Fun article from July 12, 2002:

"Nielsen/NetRatings said that 70.2 percent of Mac users online have a college degree, compared with 54.2 percent of all Web surfers. That, combined with their longer surfing histories and their greater willingness to buy products via the Web, makes Mac consumers a prime catch for marketers, Kelly said."

Windows is causing me to start to look elsewhere. I suspect more and more people will also as audio and video files become a greater part of communication and written documents, less.