Waterboarding at Water and Ridge

Four local peace-lovin' organizations came together in front of the federal courthouse yesterday to protest five years in Iraq with a demonstration of waterboarding, a method of torture okayed by President George Bush.

Amnesty International's Josh Pritchett was one of those waterboarded– to prove a point. "This is cruel and sadistic," he says. "It's not going to compel any meaningful information from anyone."

During waterboarding, an individual is tied to a downward sloping plank as water is continuously poured over his nose and mouth to simulate drowning.

The Center for Peace and Justice, Food not Bombs, and Code Pink also took part in the 5pm protest at the usual corner of Water Street and Ridge/McIntire.


so how much true intelligence REALLY comes from TORTURE? and yes waterboarding IS torture. GET REAL. all that results from these horrific acts are more atrocities... think about it.

This is stretching the boundaries of good taste by the protestors, and good journalism by referring to it as torture. But I'm used to this here in Berkeley East.

"Why don't all you liberals keep disrespecting the President and our country with your little protests. Your ability to have this freedom of speech didn't come from smoking dope and singing peace songs."

So your point is that it came from Torture? Nice, now back to your cave

Stacy, the military is investigating the killing of the puppy and have promised swift justice once all 3 of the actors are identified. If it's determined there more than 3 soldiers present they will be dealth with too.

God I love the right wing lunacy here. It's so refreshing next to the usual left wing lunacy.

Wouldn't a head shoved in a toilet and flushed be just as effective?

whooo hopefully a few less protesters after this!! torture? ha ha ok maybe but seriously they lost any sympathy long long ago. id rather we torture them then have another attack here or have to send any more friends and family thousands of miles to some sand pit. nuke afghanistan and turn it into a big lake so i can take my boat and fish with oil from iraq that we turn into a big parking lot so i can shop in dubai.

I personally have never seen it OR heard of it being done around me.

Not saying it doesnt happen, not saying it does. I guess I would know about as much as the people who claim its being done? hmmmmmmmmmmm.....are they THERE? Did they SEE it?

Yea goes back to that get yourself a pair of boots on....

Where's the discussion about the torture they put their OWN PEOPLE thru? Wheres the discussion about the torture on the American Soldiers?

Cmon you human activists, and bleeding hearts....you want justice, maybe get justice for what you KNOW about first? We saw a puppy get killed, ASK FOR JUSTICE FOR THAT!

We see civilians and soldiers having their heads cut off on National TV, ASK FOR JUSTICE FOR THAT!!!

You "heard" your sisters mothers aunts cousin say one time that she heard from her brothers uncles dads mother that there's water torture used in Iraq to get insuregents to talk.....and you run and make a cardboard sign and take a day off work and stand on a corner demanding justice for the terrorists....

Nuff said.....sheesh people!

Lives.......get one.

Three questions:

1) If Osama Bin Laden were in the sights of a soldier and about to push a button that would blow up Charlottesville would you as President give the soldier the OK to take him out to save the city?

2) If Osama were in custody and he cheerfully admitted that Charlottesville was about to be blown up in half an hour and he knew where the dirty bomb was....would you waterboard him?

3) When the city blows up because you didn't waterboard him would you feel any responsibility for the devastation or would you feel like a hero for preserving your liberal values?

From the sometimes reliable and other time informative world famous Wikipedia... (below). I'm just sayin', the US Army doesn't like it. The civilian towel snappers seemed to have liked it for their own reasons.

Vietnam War

Waterboarding was designated as illegal by U.S. generals in the Vietnam War.[36] On January 21, 1968, The Washington Post published a controversial photograph of an two U.S soldiers and one South Vietnamese soldier participating in the waterboarding of a North Vietnamese POW near Da Nang.photo[37] The article described the practice as "fairly common."[37] The photograph led to the soldier being court-martialled by a U.S. military court within one month of its publication, and he was thrown out of the army.[36][38] Another waterboarding photograph of the same scene is also exhibited in the War Remnants Museum at Ho Chi Minh City.[39]

Is everyone here crazy?!? How could anyone think this kind of behavior is ok? Regardless of what has happened to us,9/11 terrible, yes i know, look what we are doing to their country....One day to us has been what, six years for the people in Iraq? Not to mention they didn't even attack us!!! Get with it people!!!

Why don't all you liberals keep disrespecting the President and our country with your little protests. Your ability to have this freedom of speech didn't come from smoking dope and singing peace songs.

sorry, but the "ticking timebomb" scenario only exists in episodes of "24". on tv. you know, NOT REAL LIFE.
and waterboarding has never, ever, saved a city from being blown up nor has it prevented the U.S. from sending "any more friends and family thousands of miles to some sand pit".

waterboarding may or may not be torture- but this eight-year presidency sure as hell was.

pan optican how the hell do you know whether waterboarding has yielded anything valuable?

why don't you answer the question instead of sidestepping it with a head in the sand deflection?

If the soldiers can't do any better than this, we need to withdraw RIGHT NOW! These morons are a disgrace to the USA!


OK well, I get sick of seeing these whiny asses all the time. I will merely say this, my friends died to give you all the right to stand out there running your ignorant mouths about stuff you DONT know, instead od being at work where you belong.

The first thing myself and many others said in coming back from this war, when watching the news is, OMG that is NOT what is going on over there. So until YOU put a pair of boots on and get some balls to KNOW for yourself what is going on there, dont bash our President, dont bash the soldiers, and go to damn work and put your signs away, being a hippie isnt cool anymore, you are embarrasing your children.......

Enough said, this crap gets old....

afterthought.....again STOP talking as if you KNOW what is happening there. Here is what AMERICANS are doing to Iraq: Giving them, food, shelter, clothing, crayons, school books, candies, TOYS, security, FREEDOM.

What Saddam and his two psycho sons gave them: Terror, Terror, and oh yea TERROR......

Again, do NOT speak about what you do NOT know, the ONLY ones who DONT want us there from the country is the TERRORISTS.....how often does the news show the Iraqi people CHEERING in the streets when they see the soldiers coming? Yea thats what I thought, well I have it on video NUMEROUS times...

Your opinions of the war and what GOES On is formed by what the MEDIA wants you to know.....get with it.

Also, for all you griping about oh man those poor people....again, you do not know what happens there.....Try driving over a bridge to hear a click sound and know what that means, and see a 9 year old at the other end of that wire, Laughing at you......

You dont know shit.......

oh man I am on a roll now......

PRO BUSH is me, he is the only President that had the BALLS to put us there. You gripe about the last 8 yrs, wha about the next 4? What choices do we have there? One of the candidates has FREELY stated he will pull the soldiers out immediately.....yea we got pulled out once before and the job wasnt done and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED......thousands more soldiers were killed becasue of a President that had NO BALLS and pulled us out. LET THE SOLDIERS DO THEIR JOBS!!!!! They are GOOD at it, they VOLUNTEERED to do it!!

I dont see anyone standing in front of a burning building protesting the firefighters going inside "in case" they might die.

Get with it America, a soldier does the job that you dont have the balls to do, LET THEM do it, and YOu can reap the benefit of what they do. Stop wasting your time trying to change the worl with a cardboard sign, and be thankful you live where you do.

The thing about President Bush that is different than everyone else, is he DOES RIGHT by this country, and doesnt let a few still livin in the 60's potheads tell him how to do it......

Time to grow up and put the bud away kids.


Happy 4000th than Stacy. Give Cheney a kiss for me

blah blah blah. :))

I figured so, and GOOD, they get what they deserve!!!

Yes folks even the Army has some total dimwits, but please dont classify the military as a whole on a few dumb asses :)

I agree that is totally and absolutely wrong.....stupid ignorant move on their part.....I guarantee them children were exactly what they acted like.......children, and should be punished good and well from their chain of command, and probably already have been.

I disagree with you on one thing.....

The true disgrace to the USA is the whiny snivelling protestors who THINK they know what they are talking about....again get a pair of boots, and walk the walk of a soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other "hot" place they reside in while you all sleep comfortably in your homes free to say what you want with no recourse.

Were any of the protesters physically or mentally harmed? Was this to show that waterboarding is okay?