Bush bomb launched…sort of

A group opposing the idea of a possible war with Iran launched a "Bush Bomb" yesterday in the Water Street Parking lot. You can watch it here. Rumor was that it would be shot into the air...but the puppet of President Bush riding a bomb, a la Dr. Strangelove, never left the ground! Smoke comes out the back, but no flying Bush. Mayor Dave Norris does weigh in, though.


Yesterday, CPC Manager Robert F. Stroh effectively blamed the aforementioned debacle on the parking lot attendant. He also showed some confusion as to whether our hard-earned parking lot is public or private property.

To have that information by Thursday, the stockholders' meeting, Monsieur Stroh might check the deed book. It's the corporation's books, however, which shall be checked the day after tomorrow.

where is the love?

Why is CPC (the jewel of everyone's eye) allowing this type of protest to occur on its property? Is the special agent, Jim Berry, going to press charges against Mayor Norris and the others for trespassing?

If you are trying to sell your company, you probably don't want to close in the middle of the day for this foolishness. So much for goodwill...


Sorry, but that's not what the Hook's news blog is for. If you want to hurl personal insults, go elsewhere.

Dave McNair
The Hook

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Man, where were the COPS in all this? If that had been a real bomb, and one of my youngins was killed, I'd be in jail right now, fer goin' ballistic.

Hope the hippy squire comes soon, ta set his people straight. Lord knows, they need it.

When is the next election?