I-64 reopened after shooting

6:50am: The Miller School has now closed for the day.

6:30am update: All lanes on I-64 have reportedly reopened.

6:22am update: Albemarle schools and the Miller School are reportedly on a two-hour delay because of the Afton situation.

5:38am update– It's a shooting! Four vehicles were hit by gunfire, according to an online story in the News Virginian in Waynesboro. Two people were injured, but their injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, according to the newspaper.***

I-64 slammed shut to W'boro (original 5:31am headline)

Traffic is backed up for miles this morning as both directions of Interstate 64 have been closed all the way from Charlottesville to Waynesboro.

Highway spokesperson Lou Hatter concedes in a release that authorities don't know how long the road–- shut from Exit 96 in Augusta County to Exit 118 in Albemarle County due to "police activity"–- will remain closed.

Hatter says motorists are advised to avoid the area and expect "significant delays" on Route 250 and other nearby highways. Real-time updates can be obtained at www.511Virginia.org.

Hatter's release didn't say whether the closure was related to the forest fires currently burning in Augusta County and throwing copious volumes of smoke into the Western reaches of Albemarle.


Hardly flippant. I take it as an update to why the Interstate was closed. Hawes was saying first that I-64 was closed, not sure why. And then he updated us with, "It's a shooting!"

Like, "Oh my god!"

I do not think it was meant, nor should it be taken in any other way.

WOW. That is pretty scary. Anyway, nice report Hawes! Very detailed.

"It's a shooting!" Don't you think it's insensitive to talk about this unfortunate incident in such a flippant way?

I didn't find it insensitive, just unprofessional.

Shouldn't an organization/publication that is supposed to bring us news & facts do so in a professional manner, not an "Oh my god!" sort of way?
If I wanted a Valley Girl take on it, I'm sure I could find it somewhere. I came here for facts, not editorializing.