Three I-64 shooting locations confirmed

Three separate locations of last night's shootings on I-64 were confirmed this morning in a press briefing: the Ivy exit at mile marker 114, the route 690 overpass (Greenwood Station Road), and the Virgina Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintenance shop in Yancey Mills.

Virginia State Police Superintendent Colonel W. Steven Flaherty said that while police are still awaiting ballistics testing, it "appears that the same type of gun was used in all three locations." Based on witness accounts, Flaherty said that more than one suspect was involved. Although multiple shooters are suspected, Flaherty said he is not sure if multiple guns were involved or if the same gun was used at all three locations.

Five vehicles, four of which were in motion, were struck by bullets; the fifth was an unoccupied VDOT truck. Two people were hospitalized for superficial injuries. Flaherty would not verify that these injuries were the result of bullet wounds.

The suspects "could certainly still be in the area," said Flaherty, who urged everyone to be "observant." Flaherty also stated that he "would not call it a sniper incident."

The first call about a shooting came at 12:10am, and Flaherty said he has "no good feel for how long it went on."

A team of investigators including the FBI, the Virginia State Police, and local authorities are following up on a number of leads including potential vehicles driven by the suspects. Anyone with information regarding the shootings should call Albemarle County Police at 434-293-3223 or the Crimestoppers hotline at 434-977-4000.

UPDATE : Virginia State Police have upped the number of vehicles shot to at least six and say that more 50 leads have been called in.



Sick of the Local Rambos must have finally busted a spring!!

I'll be going down 64 tomorrow night on the other side of Richmond, wearing a helmet and fully reclined, ya know? I don't think my Japanese car is bulletproof.

Those silly snipers!

wth is wrong with people that they have to kill

they didnt kill anyone people!the teen is a good kid so just leave him alone.

You know what, Cherokee, you fricking idiot, the fact that they didn't kill anyone is JUST DUMB LUCK--they easily, easily could have killed a NUMBER of people. He's not a good kid. I KNOW good kids. Good kids don't do cr@ap like this. Good kids stay home at night. Good kids don't get their guns and go out shooting at PEOPLE. You're one of the apologists for "good ol' boys just havin' some good ol' boy fun." it's not fun. not for the people BEING SHOT AT FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL. Being HIT BY BULLETS. Bullets fired by frickin' idiot waste-of-space juveniles. Who are "just bored and havin' a little good ol' boy fun."

for one thing the 16 year old didnt shoot at anything exepct for an empty truck.slade did the rest.i know.the news,cops,and people like you dont know him like i do.

Cherokee, I'm going to have to echo GiveMeaBreak on this - regardless of what he shot at or didn't shoot at, if he was truly a "good kid," he would have been in school that day, not riding around with that other loser shooting at things. The "good kid" logic seems to be used to justify any crime involving a teen these days. Good kids go to school, involve themselves in community service, participate in sports or other activities, and in general show a little interest in their futures. It's possible that this kid could learn from his charges, serve whatever punishment he gets and become a "good kid" but he is not one now.

quote: "if he was truly a ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??good kid,¢Ã¢â??¬ he would have been in school that day, not riding around with that other loser shooting at things."

What are you talking about?

Since when are schools open during the night?

All of this took place after dark and into the midnight hour.

yeah--we've got an awfully low bar for "good kid" if a 16 year old riding around at midnight on a school night with someone else who was shooting at people and at things and and who himself shot "an empty truck" (read: someone else's property) and who apparently didn't alert any authorities about the whole thing (correct me if I'm wrong about that--if he did turn in his friend, I'll give him a couple points for that) qualifies as a "good kid."

I guess I sound like a nerd, but good kids don't do crap like this. He may not be the worst kid in the world, but calling him a good kid is an insult to all the other teenagers who don't shoot at other people's property etc.

Geez, can we have some standards here?