City starts Mall recycling program

Ever strolled the Downtown Mall on a warm day looking for a place to throw your empty drink container, but awash in enviro-guilt as you discarded it in one of those black garbage cans? If only you look a little harder, walk a little further, you think, maybe you could recycle it.

Well, now you can tell that still, small voice in your head to pipe down. Just yesterday the City installed 12 new green recycling bins (like the one Parks & Rec employee Clifton Brown is installing at left) beside the black ones on and around the Mall.

Currently, plastic, glass, and aluminum are the only materials that can be deposited in the new receptacles. However, if you find yourself with a used paper cup or newspaper you'd like to see turned into new paper cups and newspapers, you can take a hike down to the Transit Center and put it in a container there specially designated for paper products.



I think I'll take a bus from the Omni to the Transit Center so I can recycle my magazine...this will make me feel "green"!

Didn't we already do this? I have a vague memory of aluminum recycling bins right next to the trash cans on the Downtown Mall in the late 90s.

I'm sure these containers cost more.

---- and with the million dollars worth of new signs directing one to the Mall, the bins will be a cinch to find.

The county people and others will visit, and dump their trash for FREE. Watch out!