Reports of gunfire near time warrant served

8:20am update: WINA radio newsman Rob Graham is reporting that the search warrant was served at Yonder Hill Farm and that neighbors report hearing gunfire and seeing a medical evacuation helicopter flying overhead eary this morning.

According to County tax records examined by the Hook, the 91-acre Yonder Hill Farm is owned by David and Christine Charters. While they have a local phone number, the tax records list a Centreville address for the couple. A message left by the Hook at their Crozet phone number was not immediately returned.

(Author's addendum: Given that Christine Charters recently purchased a house in her own name in Centreville, and given that her co-owner here is actually "Estate of David Charters," perhaps the good Mr. Charters no longer resides on this earth. Moreover, given the paucity of information, I cannot say whether the folks occupying this house on her farm are renters, squatters, friends, relatives, or something else.)


Newsplex: warrant served in I-64 spree (original 6:57am headline)

Authorities have served a warrant at a house on Jarman's Gap Road and Lane Place in connection with the shootings on I-64, according to a story recently posted by the Charlottesville Newsplex. In another tantalyzing news bit, NBC29 reports that officials are interested in an AMC Gremlin seen at the scene of a bank shooting in Waynesboro.