I-64 sniper suspect arrested: Slade Allen Woodson

Just two years ago, when he was Western Albemarle student-athlete, Slade Allen Woodson made a 12-foot pole-vault in a regional tournament. Today, the 19-year-old Batesville man has been launched into custody for his alleged role in the shooting spree that injured two motorists and provoked terror responses, including closed schools and canceled soccer practices.

At a morning news conference, State Police spokesperson Steve Flaherty said that Woodson was one of five people inside a house at Yonder Hill Farm at 4:48am when a law enforcement team arrived to serve a search warrant.

One person inside the house, whom police do not consider a suspect, was injured by gunfire and transported to UVA Medical Center. Police declined to detail the person's injury or injuries, nor would they release the name of the gunshot victim, who was shot by an Albemarle police officer, who is now on paid administrative leave. Albemarle Police Chief John Miller did not release the officer's name.

Police say that Woodson allegedly drove a 1974 orange AMC Gremlin, one of the world's most distinctive vehicles, and one that was seen on surveillance footage at the site of a late-night Waynesboro bank shooting.

Woodson was arrested on two felony counts stemming from shots fired into a residence in the 200 block of Commerce Avenue in Waynesboro and shots fired at the bank, the Dupont Community Credit Union. More charges could be pending, police say.

Police recovered the orange Gremlin abandoned on U.S. 29 in Albemarle just south of the Greene County line and claim to have collected ballistics evidence from the vehicle.

Flaherty said this morning that Woodson was "familiar" to investigators. Indeed, Woodson made waves in local media a year ago for alleged car thefts and fires, as evidenced by this cached Daily Progress story (the Progress broke all its old story links yesterday when it unveiled a new website).

Woodson is currently at Albemarle police headquarters for questioning.

– with additional reporting by Lisa Provence



Here we go.....


quote: "The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) that testified early this week in the case against the so-called ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??50-shot cops¢Ã¢â??¬ on trial for the death of Sean Bell said they saw the detectives wearing their badges, despite earlier testimony from a supervising officer at the scene that none of the detectives identified himself as a cop."

Personally, I believe the Supervisor.... Lieutenant Gary Napoli.

Lock him up for life.

At 19, you are 100% responsible for your actions. Not your mother, not your high school teacher, not 'society,' not your 'friends' or former friends, not anyone outside of you.

Let's stop this weak crap of blaming anyone outside of the individual -- that only promotes the problem. Other 19 year olds reading the dialog here could think, "if I do something bad, it is my parents' fault for not raising me properly."

In fact, Woodson went to an excellent high school with excellent teachers. He was involved in varsity football and track and performed very well. I strongly suspect he was exposed to very good coaching along the way as well.

This is (at least) strike two for Woodson. He should be put away for a few decades.

Having said all this, if I were Woodson's parent, I would feel extremely failed, as I am sure they do.

Even "nice" parents know when child-raising situations absolutely demand firm in-your-face discipline.

By the time a child is, say, 7 let him or her have no doubt about: right and wrong, cause and effect, rewards and consequences, individual responsibility. Help him or her acquire a strong self-esteem and belief that he or she can accomplish anything with hard work. Once they are 18, get them on the path to finding something they really like (or even love) to do. Do all this and you have done a good job as a parent.

Are you sure his middle name isn't "Wayne?"

Roger, you make super points here. You are correct, the responsibility for his own actions does rest entirely with him now. Parents over the longterm, can make the difference in preventing such problems. He obviously needed more supervision, structure, and good balanced discipline.
What's this I hear about another participant, a 16 year old kid hanging out with him? A 16 year old kid is too young to be running around at night with this guy-especially on a school night. Come on, where are the PARENTS? This is too much!
Roger, you will be a great father with your insight.
One more thing about the teachers expressing views. Teachers must hold a lot inside. They are not allowed to express too much on the job. My guess, the kid's teachers saw this violence coming, but they were not allowed to put their foot down with these kids. Just you wait, more will come out somehow.

I'll bet if we had waterboarded his ass a year ago when he stole and burned he would've thought twice before pulling this crap.

Raising properly isn't all of it. Free will kicks in and makes some folks go crazy. Add in peer pressure and a few beers and kids can get into some damn serious trouble these days without trying too hard. But I gotta tell ya, with all the crazy crap I did back in the day, I would never have shot at anything. Idiots!

I usually don't comment on these sort of things, but I was rather dismayed after reading some of these comments...I am baffled that so many would pass judgement on someone who they've never met and know nothing about.

I think Renegade Mom said it best "I do not know anything about this person or family, but I am pretty sure they are in pain and do not need to be judged here by strangers." That really is the bottom line. Please step down from your soapboxes. Perhaps all of you who are casting proverbial stones should put yourself in the parents' shoes. You may feel that something of the sort could never happen to you, but that's faulty logic. Anything can happen at anytime to anyone.

In case you aren't aware of it, each person has their own disposition, and while you may be able to set guidelines as a parent/guardian/teacher, you cannot change the disposition of a person no matter how much you love or discipline them (well, you may be able to temporarily beat them into submission, but any repressed tendencies are bound to resurface later in life--maybe even in an amplified form due to being held back so long). All I am saying, is that this person's upbringing may very well have nothing to do with their behavior. Either way, it is not our place to say. Instead of passing judgement, why not try a bit of compassion for those suffering and a bit of gratitude that no one was killed? It feels great, just try it. FAR more gratifying than trying to assess where things went wrong or what this boy's punishment should be. And I am hoping that "fry his ass" was a joke, but I can't say that I get it if so.


If this incident made you terrified, distressed, upset, ect., take a look at the rest of this world. Broaden your view. In this country, we love to wrap ourselves around the illusion of safety and feel that we are protected. IN MANY OTHER COUNTRIES, THIS STORY WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE MADE THE NEWS. No one was killed, which is more than can be said for the countless incidents that take place every day in other countries. And before you begin to think that fact means our country is safer, keep in mind that there is always the potential for change. And if things ever were to change here (due to attack, civil disorder due to political tension, or anything else that may challenge our ability to live comfortable and "safe") most of us would probably have trouble dealing with it because we clutch our security blanket (or mental illusion of one) so tightly.

"Man is at the bottom an animal, midway, a citizen, and at the top, divine. But the climate of this world is such that few ripen at the top." --Beecher, Henry Ward

Maybe he's not here today. One might expect SOTLR to comment on the police shooting of a non-suspect as they breached the door when they might have achieved a peaceful resolution by surrounding the place and talking. I shouldn't put words in his mouth, though.

I cant say I-64 is any safer to drive or I-81 especially. More people have and will be killed than this kid has killed and the the police do very little. Too bad the same energy isn't used to reduce reckless driving and REALLY save lives!

I can't believe nobody has pointed out how incredibly handsome this guy is. If he only knew how to parlay it, he could have been a movie star (at least in low-budget films) instead of a third-rate criminal who'll be forgotten as soon as he lands in the pokey. And of course it will all be downhill from there. Such a waste.

Amen-It all starts in the home. Don't blame the schools or society for this one. The people who should have steered this situation the other way, were the parents-family. Did those in the home effectively-skillfully guide this kid? I have my doubts.

Sorry Family Guy, I was out of town all day.

We don't know all the details of how the person was shot yet. And unless he survives his wounds, we will never know BOTH sides of the story most likely. I know, the police say he greeted them with a handgun. There's a lot of people in this city and county who will greet strangers with a handgun when their castle is invaded at 5:00 a.m. in the morning.

As you have probably seen in the recent testimony during the trial of the New York cops charged with killing a young man recently, a police lieutenant says the cops involved AT NO TIME announced the fact they were police officers before opening fire on this young man and killing him.

This is all about opinion. My guess, the teachers know what they're talking about this time. Time will tell.

Steve, where are you?

Cat got sick of the local rambos tongue????

Boo Hoo! Poor criminals. There just so missunderstood these days. He is a nut job that belongs behind bars before he completes his mission of KILLING someone.

No, teachers should not sweep problems under the rug. The problem, many teachers I know, identify problems-tell the parents and a few parents won't do their part to help.
I also know that often times, the administration, social workers, etc. KNOW there are real problems with a particular child, and they ask the teacher to sugarcoat the situation. "Lets not be too firm with ineffective parents".
Lets just see how this case turns out. Once again, where were the parents when he was roaming the countryside and burning cars? I can't believe there was wise parenting here. We'll see what comes out in the wash! should be interesting

fry his ass

He should be locked up just for driving that car

Dave McNair wants to know what this has to do with the Beta House being torn down.
(I kid, I kid.)

What a spoiled brat loser, he appears to be! The law went way too easy the first time--(Progress story) See where that got the innocent public-him? I don't want to hear any sob stories now.
No conscience? No respect for life-property? A lazy goof-off? Where were his parents, as he rode around in the night for all those years? They should get jail time too for not properly supervising him. These behaviors don't just crop up over night. Symptoms of such screw-ups surface early on.

his actions were immature and reckless, at the age of 19 he should know better and the fact that he does not, does make me question the upbringing and family values instilled in this youth. What happened that he went from an athelete to a thuggy looking menace to society? His parents very well may be nice, but clearly something was lacking in the home----like strong discipline!!! Lacking in many households today is discipline I guess they expect society to raise their children.

I know his parents and they are the nicest, kindest people you would ever meet. You should not talk that way about people you don't know.

I concur with you, Janie, and you, #9. This is just another glaring case of bad parenting, or, more likely, NO parenting. I knew right away this was nothing more than a stupid teenager doing stupid teenage stuff: "...I dare you to shoot at that car...that would be FUNNY!!" This guy is clearly a sociopath-in-the-making. Let's just be glad God decided this time that nobody would get killed. We could just as easily be talking about the dead people this idiot left in his path. The fact he was found guilty a year ago of stealing trucks and setting them on fire for no reason other than just being a mean little thug should have been taken more seriously; he should have gone to jail for a year or two... Hopefully, the court will see fit to lock this nutjob up long enough for him to somehow mature and begin to act like a normal human being.

Is this one of the "world-class" students our Albemarle school admin is talking about? Maybe more $$$ spent on those in need rather the glamour progrmas like the IB program! I guess world-class fool is what they mean by "world-class".

No, I don't know them, but I can't believe his missteps just recently surfaced.
Did he have any outstanding behavioral issues during his younger years? If so, the parents should have done more about it. Sounds like he was on the prowl during nights! My God, he isn't even 21. Parents should and can enforce some rules during these older teenage years.

OK an Orange AMC Gremlin!! Man if I drove an Orange(Looked Like Blaze Orange) AMC Gremlin I would shoot my self!!! Did this moron think he would not get noticed driving an ORANGE AMC Gremlin? Oh yea...that car blends in perfectly.

V-Yes, of course something had to be missing-absent in the homelife. I fully expect to hear his liberal lawyers and the psychiatrists make the big excuses for his parents and for him. Who cares if the parents act nice to others? The issue is, their kid is a miserable failure, according to news reports. Some-family, clearly bear much fault in the case.

My dad used to give me a good ass kicking when I got out of line and I am damn glad he did. This is what a lot of our youth need today a good old fashion ass whipping. Too many of the youth of today are throw away kids. There parents simply don't want them and do not care about them. Thus, this is what you get. Kids out of control.

You all are a little too quick to judge his parents. While I would agree that it is a way too plausible theory, and the state of family affairs and general discipline is in a most sorry state, there are some kids that defy all sense and their family background. There are people who rise above horrible family circumstances to achieve great things, and their are also great loving families that produce one child (out of perfectly fine other children) that seems to reject all that is offered them.

I do not know anything about this person or family, but I am pretty sure they are in pain and do not need to be judged here by strangers. Try to keep an open mind while we are still ignorant of the story. After (and if) he is convicted the speculation will at least have a toe-hold in some facts.

And what about mental illness? Borderline Personality Disorder ( a form of sociopathy) is oftern difficult to diagnose and treat. Who knows what this family has been going through trying to deal with this sick kid? I'll reserve judgment for now.

I am grateful if the perpetrator has been caught and we can drive I64 in relative safety.

BTW - I would have no problem giving this kid a good ass kicking.

Unless this is a mental illness issue, I would have kicked his sorry ass after the first set of incidents.

Unfortunately, homes that provide a lot of ass-kicking also produce cold, uncaring, violence-hardened creeps. So, I guess it must be "judicious" ass-kicking. ;)

Was there a lack of consistent, firm-fair discipline in that home? Were the parents really there for their kid at all times? Was there a broken home? Was there alcohol abuse of any kind? Did the parents advocate for and encourage the kid to go on to higher education-college?
Were the teachers mostly complimentary of his behavior-academic progress throughout school? Was he respectful to school officials-peers? Did parents cooperate-attend all parent-teacher meetings? Did the kid miss many school days? Did he act out in class?
I really want to know more related history.
Once gain, where were his parents when he rode around all night? Sounds like there is alot to learn.

I agree, there are mental health issues in society. I do believe the mental health piece is overused as a crutch-excuse.
Unfit parenting can also strongly impact the future mental state of children.
People who are charged with setting fires shouldn't be set free so soon---hint hint! Where were the area mental health experts when he received a slap on the wrist? shame shame

I cannot believe the parent bashing from teachers here. What a cop-out. Consider that from age 5 or six to age 18, this man spent more wakeful hours with teachers than he did with parents. Maybe he was affected by the incessant bullying that goes unchecked in schools. Maybe he was affected by molestation by a coach. After 12 years of spending most of the day with this guy, what services/referrals were made by the school and why weren't they effective? Maybe he has defective genetic code. I don't think the nature v. nurture matter has been definitively put to rest yet. Maybe he's just not right, despite the best efforts of good parents AND teachers.

Blaming the father for the sins of the son is dishonorable and ignorant, especially absent any information whatsoever.

I'm glad they caught the guy quickly and hope the bystander shot by police and those wounded by the perp all recover fully.

"He should be locked up just for driving that car"
true that.

This has got to be one of the dumbest criminals out there. If I was going to go "shoot up the town" I would try to do it in a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Cavalier or something more common. An orange Gremlin??? What a complete freakin' idiot. He should get an award!!!

OK, Family Guy-You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The buck stops with the "family situation", in the view of many here. No one should expect the public schools to raise, cure, or fix their kid. It is up to any responsible caring family to circumvent-augment situations in the schools.
If the kid were truly messed up, as you mention-genetic code, then some mental health professional in this enlightened and progressive community-or his parents, should have caught on and effectively intervened way before now-especially if there were warning signs.

Teacher 9,
I can tell you from years of experience, teachers love to pass the buck(problems) since their engagement is for only one year. The difference between an average teacher(most) and a great teacher(few) is one who will be an advocate for the student. This means not sweeping problems under the desk and raising a flag rather than passing it to the next grade. Yes, it does take a little more effort!

I thought teachers looked for "warning signs" too. Aren't they supposed to? What failed there?

You are right that the buck stops with the family for raising kids... good and bad. So, it seems, it doesn't "take a village" after all and the "world class Albemarle students" are products of "world class Albemarle parents".

Do we know that the parents either beat or coddled the guy? Do we know whether or not they have struggled for years, including working with teachers and professionals? Maybe you know more about this guy than I do but, given what we have here, pointing the accusing finger at the heartbroken parents absent any information strikes me as dishonorable.

In reply to Renegade Mom. So what your saying is that because of a "possible mental illness" he has the right to shoot in to houses and buildings and possibly into cars all with human lives in them? Ok so maybe his parents did the best they could but this idiot was a "Renegade" with a mental problem. I guess you would rather have this guy sent to an instute to "rehibilate" him so he can become a productive citizen. I think it's time for people to take there thumbs out of their mouths and grow up.

Congratulations and thanks are due to the law enforcement people who have quickly made progress in this case.
In this society, people over 18 are responsible for their own behavior.
But as far as the conversation on this thread goes between parents and teachers- I am pretty much with Family Guy. Ever hear school officials giving families credit for good test scores?(One exception is the AHS principal who I have actually heard credit parents for raising great kids)Nope, it is usually some school program or educators who get all the credit when things go well and the parents who get the blame when things go badly.
This is a complicated issue and it is pretty stupid to assign blame or credit in a specific case to anyone other than the criminal.
Although, one does wonder what the penalty for his previous crimes was??

Compassion, You offer some interesting ideas here.
I think when people cross the line and try to murder folks, as has been reported in this case, it is normal to wonder what is behind it all. This isn't just a case of a teenager making a small mistake.We're talking about the potential for deaths of innocents. He is going to rot in jail for a long time. The right parenting could have prevented this horrible plight.
Blogs are about expressing opinion. Im sorry, this whole disgusting circumstance screams of disfunction. I think it is normal for one to analyze or question what went wrong. Obviously, he wasn't on a productive path. If certain opinions upset the family, they shouldn't read them.

Make him walk I64 with a bright orange trash bag for the next 30 years.

Renegade Mom, borderline personality disorder has nothing to do with sociopathy. People with borderline personality disorder often hurt themselves and have a high suicide rate, but that is completelty different to sociopathy which just means "bad person we want to put a psych. label on so we feel better about there being bad people in our midst".

Why bring mental illness into this when there is no mention of it in any news report? Just can't resist the chance to take a shot at people struggling with mental illness in our area? Nice.

Why is anyone blaming anyone other than the 19 year old who did this? This isn't a 6 year old. Sheesh.

Compassion - I don't think I'd care to live in a society where random shots fired at drivers on a major highway isn't news.

Speaking of the media coverage, I wish the state police and the Commonwealth Attorney's office would release more information about the investigation and the farm shooting.

Does anyone know WHY these kids would fire at random people? Were they drunk? High? Sociopaths? What kind of gun were they shooting? Had they been planning to try and kill people? Was it spur-of-the-moment thing? Come on cops and prosecutors, throw us a bone.

I guess it's possible that the police don't know the answers to these questions yet, but if they had enough probable cause for an arrest, it'd sure be nice for them to share some of that info with a concerned public. I'm sure they could find a way to do that without jeopardizing the cases.

Similarly, why aren't they providing the farm shooting victim's name or giving even a generic description of what happened before he was shot. Was he shooting at the cops? Was he pointing a gun at them? Did they say they were police and tell him to drop the gun? Which officer shot him?

I'm not saying we should be quick to blame the cops. They've got a tough job and I've never met a police officer who actually WANTS to be part of a shooting. Afterward, they get investigated, vilified and ultimately sued. Totally worth it for a $30,000 a year, right?

But the local authorities seem to clam up anytime something big happens, and I don't think they are gaining anything by withholding information here. It's probably only a matter of time before the friends and family members start talking about how the police didn't need to shoot.

And I think we're all being a little quick to blame the parents and the teachers. Good parents sometimes raise bad kids. If he's guilty, maybe we should blame the 19-year-old psycho who decided to shoot up the interstate.

We have met the enemy, and it is us, in the form of Compassion_is_captain. On the surface she may seem to some as a ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?Å?nice person', but actually her views are insidious. Her post is a terrific insight into how a person like Woodson could come to be.

Imagine growing up with a parent who might say stuff like: "we won't judge you, lest we be judged ourselves" ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??There is no standard of right and wrong -- it depends"¢Ã¢â??¬Š ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??Who are we to judge¢Ã¢â??¬¢Ã¢â??¬Š¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??We can't help it, man is at the bottom an animal¢Ã¢â??¬Š¢Ã¢â??¬ and so forth.

By contract, I would say that we should indeed evaluate (judge) each other on important matters such as honesty, integrity, competence¢Ã¢â??¬Šlet alone matters such as intention to cause grave harm to innocents. Most people expect to be evaluated by their community on these matters and carry themselves accordingly.

Compassion has a great place in life, but making allowances for horrible acts is not one of them.

Naturally, all the relevant facts will come to light in court with due process of law and with an formal judge and jury. In the meantime there is no harm in abstracting from this particular situation to make some broader social commentary...just as we're doing.

Let me add. His problems were not caused by the school or his teachers. His school is one of the most highly respected and successful public schools in the state. In fact, I have heard it said, the school is similar in makeup and superior to the private schools in the area. The best opportunities, advantages, and support were there for his family and for Slade. Such a shame he didn't move forward in an academic form, after graduation from high school. Have you read his my space page-very telling and sad. A wasted life at this point.

Since it appears it may have been wildly misconstrued and misinterpreted, I will make one more post here to attempt to clarify my view.

I certainly did not say that this crime should be tolerated or go without punishment (and I believe it's fairly obvious that it will not, and that this boy will mostly like spend a large portion if not all of the remainder of his life imprisoned). And especially considering 1 out of 100 Americans are currently behind bars, I would say this is one of the incidents that legitimately justifies jail time (I figured that this was also fairly obvious).

However, as for passing judgment on this boy's family (whom we know nothing about), it is my opinion that it is simply not our place. We are not family or friends, and in fact, most (if not all) of us have never met this boy or his family. We know nothing about him or how he was raised, so who are we to make these assessments? If we were close to him, it would be different, but (as far as I know) none of us are.

Of course, as has been said, this is a blog where people express their opinions and of course all shall do so! So, here are mine.

1--People are suffering (whether through sadness, confusion, shock, anger) because of this, namely,the people who were injured and their families as well as this boy's family and friends. NOT US. At least I seriously doubt anyone on this forum is truly suffering because of this. I was driving home on the same part of I-64 only 30 minutes after this incident, and however shocked/upset I may have been, I still would not consider myself to be among those suffering. My idea was that developing empathy and compassion towards those truly suffering may be more useful that trying to pin down who or what is to blame for the incident. The blame game is played in vain.

2--Yes, innocent people could have died. Innocent people die every day (most without notice). I will die, you will die and so will everyone you have ever known and loved. Death cannot be stopped by any force. I say this because I believe that part of the reason we all get so worked up when things such as this happen is that death is rather taboo in this "advanced" society. I believe it is a huge problem. True, death is sad and potentially frightening for those of us still here. But regardless, we must face it.

3--Each person can only control what they say/do/think. No amount of guidance can overpower the free will of a person. And each thing a person says and does carries it's own weight, however large or small. It seems to me that the best way to guide someone is to be a living example (or at least try our best since our human state is prone to flaws). And even that noble action often flinches in the face of free will.

To Seriously?--No, I don't wish to live in such a society either. I am simply reminding that such societies do exist.

RogerW--you do make a few assumptions about me as well as this boy. For one thing, I am not a female. Males can have compassion too afterall! ;) Also, you seem to insinuate that because I prefer not to JUDGE, that I lack the ability to assert authority and discipline when necessary (in fact, I was raised with quite a good amount of discipline and have learned throughout the years to assert it when called for). I point these things out, not to argue, but because I believe assumptions in general are dangerous. "To judge" by definition: 1. To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration. Now, if you truly feel that what you learn from news stories (or words posted on a forum) about strangers is enough for you to form a valid opinion, then hey--more power to you. I just know it isn't enough for me. And in reality, this is just a silly blog, so go for it, I suppose...judge away--I've said what I wanted to say.

And yes, the enemy is us indeed. You are quite right about that. But please do not make the mistake of thinking that I am yours. In fact, we must be in agreement somewhere since you summed up the (admittedly long winded) point I was hinting at very well,

"At 19, you are 100% responsible for your actions. Not your mother, not your high school teacher, not 'society,' not your ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?Å?friends' or former friends, not anyone outside of you."

Alright, I am done now and bid you all (fare)well. I leave again with a quote because I so enjoy them...

¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cords of memory will swell when again touched as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature.¢Ã¢â??¬ --Honest Abe

Has anyone read the newspaper today? This incident reeks of a boy gone completely wild, and for a long time too. I surely want to really know if he exhibited out of control behaviors while growing up. And yes, what was his home life really like for the long hall? Did he have visible,involved, strong parents? It sounds to me that we are already coming up with some background information, that makes your hair stand on end, and even in the My Space piece.
Who gave him access to this 16 year old to haul around all night? Where did he get the guns or all of those trucks to muddy up?
Sorry, I believe we have a spoiled bad boy, with no development of a conscience.
He has been incarcerated-punished for bad crimes already. Seems he didn't learn his lesson.
By the way, did he graduate from Western? I'm not sure as I read other accounts.

This case looks bad for Slade Allen Woodson. Nevertheless, things may not be as they appear. Not jumping to conclusions is a very big part of the criminal justice system (not to mention life in general) for both prosecutors and defenders. Sometimes, prosecutors paint themselves into a corner by adopting a particular theory, when they didn't have to.

Many of the commentators have already reached a final conclusion on the guilt of this individual. Its not that the first impression is always wrong, just that one should not go through life making decisions based on outward appearance. So, while the police investigate more thoroughly, he will be held without bond. While there may have been an emergency to make an arrest or arrests, there is no emergency to jump to conclusions.

We know that a terrible crime has been committed, one that should probably carry a severe penalty, if not the maximum.

In the meantime, I agree with the comment above from R. Edwards.

Now we know. Hawes points out,new piece, He did not finish high school. Parenting 101 says, Be sure your kid "at least" finishes high school. If he says he doesn't want to go, drive him there yourself. See that he is doing his homework each night. Call his teachers. Send him to Fork Union. There are ways to manage such a situation for your child. This day and time, not finishing high school reflects poorly on a home situation. There is hard documented evidence to suggest: not getting a basic high school degree, sets one up for failure in many ways. GED classes are free for the taking too. Don't blame the schools-teachers. They are not at fault for this one.

We're not the judge or jury. We don't know all the facts, but we know too much. The parents hope he didn't do it-statement from family. They must be in denial. Such a hope after all that has occured, is like hoping to win the lottery. It is like hoping your kid passes his grade when his report card has all F's. Come on people, wake up and smell the roses. The party is over for him. Someone in the family could have turned his life around. It is just too late.

Patch - Are you stoned or retarded? WTF

Thanks for the Cheap Shot - The point was that we don't know much of anything yet other than this guy is an out of control asshole who does crazy things. Some people say evil is a form of mental illness on its own. Doesnt mean person is not legally responsible or should go unpunished.

FamilyGuy and Compassion - You tried. Don't feel badly about the people who get off on twisting your words rather than developing a thought or position of their own that they can articulate. The level of discussion is disappointing in this blog community - doubt I'll be back anytime soon.

Small minds and big inter-nuts......oh well...

He is hot! The prisoners will have fun with him!

He did this. He is an adult. He needs to be punished. Period. Just because he did not finish school does not mean the schools had nothing to do with this. By that quick logic, finishing school determines whether or not your attempt to kill innocent strangers is the schools fault. If you do finish school, then attempt to kill people, it is the schools fault? Let's be real. Society as a whole has had a part in creating this idiot. What caused him to do this? Maybe watching some violent movies. Maybe by playing some dumb video games. Maybe by watching some news coverage of similar events. Maybe by seeing gun fights from the war in the middle east of people shooting. Maybe his parents. Maybe the schools. Maybe his friends. Maybe some strangers. There are many factors that have contributed to this situation. None can be completely dismissed. None can be completely to blame. What we do have is a clear lack of understanding of right from wrong on his part. (Somewhere, at some point in time while growing up, these both of these kids missed that.) We caught it the first time he was in trouble, but it was obviously not corrected properly. Now we (society) are in a position again to deal with what we have allowed to be created. Maybe this time we'll get it right and make sure he either gets it right, or is not allowed back into society until he does. I personally don't want to be killed by some bored person just because no one busted his ass when they first found out he had issues with understanding right from wrong.

Teacher # 9
How dare you suggest that criminal/antisocial boys belong in college? Are you totally unaware of the suffering in this community because a family chose to send a disturbed kid to a college where he did not belong?

I hope that the folks who are truly in pain because of this incident know that it is best for their sanity to completely avoid blogs.

But the local authorities seem to clam up anytime something big happens, and I don't think they are gaining anything by withholding information here.

Look at how the local media treats its law enforcement. I wouldn't tell them anything either. Once bitten, twice shy....

Maybe I have been too busy lately to notice... but has Woodosn been charged in the I-64 shootings? Or have the people in this blog simply charged him, tried him, and convicted him of the I-64 shootings?

And Liberal Media, the police do not hesitate to issue a press release stating what a great job they have done in making an arrest so quick (thanks *only* to a surveillance video I might add). But you don't see them releasing any details as to why they had to shoot someone in making the arrest. In other words, they release what they want to release. It has nothing to do with once bitten, twice shy. It's always been this way. Anything even remotely negative about the police is always covertly leaked to the media. And usually leaked by employees within the police departments.

I, too, noticed how handsome this boy was and what beautiful eyes he has, except they lack any signs of energy or compassion. I , too, thought how did he fall through the cracks? I raised a son who is now 21, and not in college and facing the hard realities of life ...but there is no one to bail him out or help him financially. He is doing it for himself. It is too bad someone did not take a moment of interest in this kid when he was about twelve or thirteen...should have sent him to military school and taught him a sense of pride in oneself. Obviously, he was not getting the attention he needed whether that be an ass-kicking or love...Someone missed the boat and instead of a contender, he is a jail-bird. wasted life...

Gail, I now know he is not prepared for college. I first thought he had a high school degree. I do think, as others do also: This kid could have been helped, if the right intervention had occured, and maybe he then could have advanced to college work. Seems he spent his time floundering around, with little direction or structure.
I also wonder if any of these kids had the ADHD tag??? Many times, the ID is a real cop out! To tell the truth, I taught kids who were so drugged by parents and local Docs, it made me sick. The parents would tell me the kid was a pain at home and the Docs would load em up on meds. I had no trouble with such kids in class, and while I taught many many years. I gave them structure and limits, and they performed well. Some of the Docs even told me personally, they were drugging them to "make the kid successful", because the parents had limited parenting skills and couldn't control the kid in the home. I believe it is a crime to drug kids because the parents are ineffective. Many of these kids had accompanying baggage, as I learned. No fathers, unlimited TV-computer time, no spiritual life, drug and alcohol issues in the home, no supervision in the neighborhood, etc. I can't help but wonder if there is a connection here, in this case. I don't know, but I would be $$$$ one or both of them fit this profile-ADHD. Sometimes these drugs lead to other more complicated problems. TOO MANY kids in this area are on meds for behavior control. I heard one local school nurse tell me she handed out hundreds of pills each day. VERY SAD, No wonder our municipal waterways are filling up with drug residues.

It appears to me that this kid was looking for attention and he got it. Does anyone else think there is anything wrong with the amount of time kids and adults spend on their "My Space" page...hello??!

Thank you to all of the law enforcement personnel involved in this situation. I will even say thank you on behalf of any ungrateful bloggers on this site. The Virginia State Police, Albemarle County P.D., Charlottesville City P.D., University of Virginia P.D., and Anyone else I left out, Albemarle County again owes you more than it could ever give or admit. Thank you again for a quick resolution to this ordeal.

The lynch mob should stand down until you all have enough information so that you can make an informed decision.

Armchair Quarterbacks, you forgot to thank Dumb and Dumber for riding by a security camera.

Their stupidity is what broke this case wide open. :)

Oh YES, and I agree, I give ALL of the law enforcement people an A+++
Whatever happens, You people deserve the most credit. God Bless!

or the car they dumped on a public roadway that had .22 caliber bullets in it. I agree their stupidity helped.

Very true, armchair quarterbacks!

About the only thing Dumb & Dumber didn't do was mail the police a signed confession. :)

Steve, isn't it nap time?

This cop should have driven down from Maryland and assisted in the investigation. It would have given him something to do and kept him out of trouble....


good parent, bad parents...good teachers, bad teachers.....smart criminals, dumb criminals....mentally ill, sane...Video, no video. We all know you don't shoot up the town, city, country side, or interstate. He knew it too. It's that simple. He's done and he won't be around for a long time. Thank you for your compliments to law enforcement officers. It is very nice to hear.

Eric...you crack me up dude. Sick the only leaks around are the officers, that for some reason still talk to you. They give you 20% of the story and you make up the rest in your head. Sick, what were you donig out of town? Driving around in your look alike police car, trying to get pulled over so you can sue an officer for the third time.

It's funny how these conversations always seem to go full circle so often, sheep dog. But by God, there's an interesting question if I have ever seen one. Does a lookalike police car have the same diplomatic immunity that real police cars have when running over and injuring pedestrians in our local crosswalks?

Sorry. I apologize. I should have said "SEVERLY INJURED" above.

** Hawes, it's about time to have somebody do another follow-up story on how Mr. Mitchell is doing after having been run by a local police car in a crosswalk! **

Well, my prayers certainly go out for the parents of the young man and the boy. Also, prayers for the one person seriously injured in this mess and for the SWAT officer who, unfortunately, shot that bystander. I'm glad the dangerous shooter is off the streets, whatever the personal or environmental factors that contributed to his disastrous choices.

I cannot help but speculate that, like so many other dangerously tragic figures we read about, this guy may well have been "treated" with prozac or ritalin or some other mind altering drug along his troubled path. As stated above, many parents are led to this "solution". Also, many students/parents are pushed to this by schools in the county.

Steve- you are a not a "wanna-be cop", you are clearly a "tryto-be cop". You couldn't cut it in real police work so you sneak around at night in other jurisdictions and play make-believe cop. That is why you have such a hate for law enforcement. You can't be one anymore. You got busted for trying to and that made it sting just a little more now didn't it. For whatever reason you got off when you should have been convicted. I can't wait until the urge hits you again to play highway patrol. If I was a cop, it would be an honor to lock up your mental a$$.

Your little actions are exactly what gives the real cops a bad name. Get this -- YOU ARE NOT OR WILL NEVER BE A REAL POLICE OFFICER OR DEPUTY SHERIFF AGAIN. You couldn't pass the psychological test.

I think that I have said all I need to say to you and I hope I have spoken for others who are Sick and tired of you whining on here about law enforcement. Cops aren't perfect. Of anyone, you should know that. Night night...

Family Guy, Overall, this "drugging" of so many kids is a quick fix. The problem, unless you also change or fix the kids environment-and especially his homelife, the kid is never cured.
This local overdrugging situation needs to be looked into in a big way! It has truly become an embarressment-fostered at the insistance of the schools and by the cooperation of the local "progressive"/available medical resources.
Maybe, drug more parents instead.

To all of you who criticize the families of Woodson and the 16 year old boy....it must be nice to be perfect like you all! Isn't that how you can justify criticizing people you don't know the first thing about? What are the chances you will apologize for your rush judgments of these people, and your assumptions about their character and parenting skills, if you are proved wrong? Thanks to Family Guy and Compassion. I wholeheartedly second your thoughts.

It's absolutely amazing the things some people will say while hiding behind what they think are "anonymous screen names" on the Internet. I can personally show you some local records in the Charlottesville Circuit Court right now where two people felt they enjoyed an anonymous identity behind screen names on the Internet... before judgements for libel were handed down against them. The judgements are running their course, with interest.

Don't-rush-to-judgment, I have a feeling some of the people here would give Woodson the death penalty right now if they had anything to do with it. Ya see, what they fail to realize is the fact it could be their own son in the same situation 10 or 15 years from now. People seem to have very little compassion or understanding until a terrible event like this lands on their own front porch step.

Wow, you are one to talk. What does my screen name say moron? It has my name. Idiot!

Agree with don't-rush. Advocating severe penalties and criticizing people you don't know based on "facts" reported and frequently contradicted in various media outlets doesn't do much good, as far as I can tell. It is amazing that the internet gives rise to such extreme positions that almost surely would not be voiced if the veil on anonymity was removed.

Yes, "Eric", your first name (so you say) really does put you out there doesn't it? I'm sure others will know who you are with such a distinctive name.

Don't rush T J,
In an ideal world, it is nice to be positive and look to the bright side. No one is perfect-and no one here is claiming to be perfect. We're also not running around wild in the night with guns-or shooting off of bridges. Parents ARE completely responsible for a kid's wherabouts at all times, when they're at the tender age of 16.
19 year olds, with criminal records, could also benefit from continued parental supervision, and maybe a nightly breathalizer check or bed check.
Hey, this is a small town. People talk, and many know there is a lot that has or hasn't gone correctly before last week. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. I hope other parents and kids learn lessons from the situation here. Kids with an unfinished basic education, too much money, freedom, time on their hands, are usually headed for trouble. This is reality and common sense.

Hey SICK, fill us in. Who has committed libel here? Now really, lets hear your quotes.are you a lawyer?

Yes, Crozet is a small town. Isn't it interesting that the people who live there have enough respect for their fellow citizens that they have neither told the press the names of the 16 year old or the man who was shot nor criticized those families and their parenting skills? Could it be that there is little, if anything, to criticize? Kids make really, really dumb decisions every day. You don't know what "the situation" is here. Your assumption that the parents could have prevented those decisions is short-sighted.

Don't Rush,
Sorry to disappoint you, but as I know, Many in Crozet have been talking to others. Some of the people in Crozet are furious their kids were ever in school with these boys. The press has been told a lot too.
Sounds like these kids were unsupervised that night, as any fool can figure out.
Kids need involved parents full time-day and night. What time did the shootings occur? Come on, wasn't it bedtime?

It would be very interesting to see a report of how many Alb Co school kids are subject to being sent home from school each day if the school nurse doesn't have some Ritalin on hand for them. Our schools really seem to push these drugs and demand compliance. I'm not sure that's a good idea.

It would also be interesting to see a report of how many kids are not allowed by Alb Co schools to complete their public school education. That is, how many are expelled. I suspect Woodson never got a diploma because of his previous legal problems. Might denying a kid an education hamper the probabilities of rehabilitation? Anyway, it would be interesting to learn what percentage of our kids face such an impairment and how that compares with other school systems in the state.

Very interesting, Interesting. That's the case where the suspect was a 20ish-year-old, 5'8", 140 pounds hispanic male with black hair and no mustache. The cops arrested a 52 year old 5'11" gray haired 220 pound white male who has had a mustache for the last 35 years.

And the so called "victim" was not a retired police officer as was given to the media in press releases. He had served for 2 years several decades ago before going out on disability.

You also know of course the person was cleared of the charge without speaking one single word of defense in open court, right? Didn't have to speak one single word whatsoever. The judge could see there had been a very serious mistake made on the behalf of the rookie cop assigned to investigate the case. He tossed the case out of court like a hot potato.

Let me repeat this for you.... the falsely accused person DID NOT have to utter one word of defense whatsoever. NOT one word.

And you do know the falsely accused person filed $4 million dollar lawsuits against local Charlottesville police officer Richard Hudson, local Charlottesville deputy sheriff Mike Baird, and 2 Alexandria police officers, right? You do know it was local lies that led up to the person even being considered a suspect, right?

Why did you forget to mention any of this? :)

Do you honestly think you can embarrass the falsely arrested former deputy sheriff any more than the incompetent cops have already done? If you do, think again. :)

See..... http://www.mustangmods.com/ims/u/194/9339/231167.gif

Family Guy, you have really hit the nail on the head here. Time for a drug study-would be interesting.

And DONT RUSH, kids make more dumb mistakes when they lack parental supervision. Why is it ok for a 16 year old to be away from his parents so late? Can't wait to hear your excuses for this.

Family Guy,
Some people deny themselves an education when they behave in such a way that it becomes necessary to expell them from school.

Kevin, I agree with you here.
And I'll add something else, The parents should be required to take MORE RESPONSIBILITY when their own disruptive child interrupts the school day. The teachers and other worthy students suffer too much.
I well remember calling one Dad to report that his kid was disrupting class. The father came to school, took him outside and spanked him---and then made him write a letter of apology to the students and me. I never had one more bit of trouble with that child. He knew his dad was a phone call away!


I don't believe anyone ever said it was ok for the 16 year old to be out at that time. However, I don't know the circumstances by which he was out of the house.

Do you know whether his parents knew he was out? If he snuck out of the house, does that make them bad parents? As a teenager, did you ever sneak out of the house or break any other parental rules? If not, I'm guessing you were the only one.

quote "I well remember calling one Dad to report that his kid was disrupting class. The father came to school, took him outside and spanked him¢Ã¢â??¬”"

That sure sounds nice, teacher #9. But parents get arrested for this type of behavoir nowadays. You can't assault a child, even if it's your own. Had the child you are speaking of called 911, I bet the father would most likely have been arrested.

My point, parents should always know where their own minor children are. IF the kid sneaks away from home at night, the parent is still responsible. If the kid sneaks away from school during the day, the teacher is responsible. The teacher has 20 some kids to account for at school. Parents should be able to account for one 16 year old. If this kid truly committed crimes, as he has been charged, the parents could be fingered.
Think about the crimes they have been charged with. These are not petty crimes.
Maybe Woodson was baby sitting? What a scary thought this would be: leaving your 16 year old in the attendance of an arsonist.
By the way, arson is a sicko crime. According to the books I have read, these people mostly can't be cured. So why would the court go so easy? They sure messed up here. By the grace of God, no one was killed.

Sick, This was back in the day when spanking was legal-advised.
Anyway, I didn't tell the Pop to spank him. Dad did this on his own. By the way, the kid is now a successful Dr.!
I will mention, the majority of those kids, I taught, of parents who "didn't believe in an occasional spanking or other forms of discipline", didn't turn out as well.

"Maybe Woodson was babysitting?"

Random unsubstantiated conjecture isn't really helpful is it?

Most recent development in this case seems to be Alexandria attorney John Zwerling invited in as the attorney for the gentleman shot during the execution of the search warrant. This should prove to be very interesting. It's been my experience that if Zwerling is brought in so early, there's been some pretty serious allegations of wrongdoing somewhere along the line.

Teacher #9....I think if you reread my comments, you will see that I am not "making excuses" for anyone, the parents or the boys. My comments were made in the hopes that people will realize that it is not kind to offer public criticism of these parents without knowing the whole story.

Janie -- yes, people talk. But people are not alway right. Neither is the press. And isn't it a bit silly for people to say they are furious their kids were in school with these boys? If simple good parenting can avoid this type of behavior (isn't that what you're claiming?) then these parents need not worry about the bad influence of these boys while in school. And, if -- as you say -- that "kids with an unfinished basic education...are headed for trouble," then school is exactly where they should be during the daytime.

due course, Why are you so defensive-protective? Don't we all have the RIGHT to question why or for what reason this kid was with Woodson during the night time? Was he the responsible adult in charge of the child?
I didn't say for sure, Woodson was doing the child care. I am just curious as to the circumstances. Many others want to know the same thing.
Sure seems like a strange-screwy set-up. I certainly wouldn't want my kid cared for by Woodson.

It's been my experience that if Zwerling is brought in so early, there's been some pretty serious allegations of wrongdoing somewhere along the line.

Know something about those Alexandria attorneys, do ya' Sick??

I'm not defensive or protective, I merely try to look at the facts that exist without making up my own. I'm glad you weren't saying, for sure, that Woodson was doing the childcare, because you have no facts to support that position.

You have a complete right to be curious and with the facts that have come out, I don't know who would want there child cared for by Woodson, so its a good thing that you (or I) do not know that that was the case.

DON'T RUSH, People are glad these guys are locked up and out of the school.No, these kids did not belong in public school.
The parents are grateful these boys never brought a gun to class too.
These kids were certainly not sweet choir boys. The boys were obviously not the Leave it to Beaver types, and one has to wonder if the adults in charge were June and Ward Cleaver types. Sorry, Janie is correct-insight parenting. We all are wondering about the parenting in this case. I hope the press finds out-prints more details about their upbringing.
Janie and others claim good parenting can prevent such problems. Folks have a hard time believing all went ok with the home situation.
Sorry, that is just the way people are feeling about this. From my experience, it will be a miracle if we find out all was truly well on the homefront.

The way it all worked out, it looks like Woodson was the person who became the role model-caretaker of the kid that night. Its not that we have heard the kid was kidnapped. If that were the case, the kid wouldn't be in jail. Who allowed the kid to go with Woodson or be with Woodson? Were there other adults in the picture? Strange indeed.

Is there a family link-connection between these two boys? Just wondering? Wouldn't this be an interesting development?

In other words, Are they related?

Eric, I think any well informed citizen in Charlottesville knows who John Zwerling is.

Or perhaps I should say ANYBODY with an IQ over 56.

I just saw the coverage-TV news. They showed what appeared to be adult family members-friends leaving court today. One guy made a rude-inappropriate remark on camera. VERY TELLING, for sure. Were they the adult role models for Woodson and the kid? I just cannot believe all was well on the homefront for those kids.

Well Teach9, you have to remember there's a tremendous amount of people nowadays who have nothing but contempt for the entire criminal justice system. If you visit www.badcopnews.com on a daily basis you will see and understand why.

Combined with the fact the gentleman looked old enough to recall a carload of police officers driving down Main Street shooting out traffic lights. Nothing was done to the police officers, but look where his son is now.

The local police have been wonderfully kind to me throughout life and I ain't a spring chicken either! Of course, I have made a successful effort to behave myself unlike these kids. The man really "showed himself" on TV.

95% of all police officers are decent hard working individuals and have been extremely kind to me throughout my entire life too. And they still are. It's the other 5% that's creating the total disgust and animosity towards law enforcement nowadays. And there's not a police officer nationwide that will argue the fact they are being painting with the same brush that this 5% is. You know the old phrase, one bad apple in the barrel stinks up the whole bunch.

I think if the gentleman had it to do over again, he would not have made the remark he did to the reporters. He was obviously upset for some reason. Probably because his child had been denied bond?

Sick--Thanks for clarification

You're welcome! But I must make a road trip now to pick up some court orders to be served locally. I am sure somebody will want to take me on by the time I get back this evening. :)

You must be proud of yourself, you even made the Washington Post!!


Again, can't be one, might as well hate them all!

Hey - here's a local story that made Bad Cop News. What attorney in his right mind would take this case??


I must be psychic. I knew the "Sheriff's Fan Club" would certainly show up while I was out of town! :)

I think he/she is just rattling your chain Sick. I wouldn't get too upset over it. After all, you do tend to get people fired up on here from time to time. Everyone play nice now.

Those who know me will tell you....

I don't get upset. I get even. :)

I don't want to rain on anybodys parade, but I wonder if the cops swift arrest was less than sweet because they know that the public has little confidence in them becuase of how the wheelchair crash and the jerk cop who arrested the guy and shoved the girl for telling him to slow the f down were handled?

If they had disciplined the cop in the shoving incident and NOT given Mr. Mitchell a ticket then they would have gotten some well deserved "attaboys" and people would have given them the presumption of innocenc on the shooting of the farmhand.

I'm just sayin... karms a bitch

Thhhhhhhhhhhats allllllll fooooolks!!!!

sick, am I in the sheriff fan club? I shouldn't be. Are we still on good, yet opposing terms. I haven't been around much lately for our great debate's.

Porky Pig, law enforcement doesn't give a damn what you think about them or their performance. Even city council and the county board of supervisors have shown they couldn't care less as well. They have an annual awards banquet and patch each other on the back, they don't need you there with a helping hand to do the patting.

And Sheep Dog, we'll know in a few days. OK?

rambo hater..

I beg to differ, i think that there are a lot of good cops out there who wish the department heads would run things better and create an environment where cops could complain about other cops and not be shunned or shot by their own troops.

the cop that shot the guy surely has to feel that his actions are being judged by the public through the glasses tinted by the recent bulls55t that the force has been thru

quote: "I beg to differ, i think that there are a lot of good cops out there who wish the department heads would run things better and create an environment where cops could complain about other cops and not be shunned or shot by their own troops."

OK Porky, I will agree with you on this. How do these cops start the process of having their concerns legitimately heard? The last cop I recall bringing attention to internal issues pretty much stuck his own neck in the guillotine, had his head chopped off and kissed his own career goodbye.

quote: It's absolutely amazing the things some people will say while hiding behind what they think are ¢Ã¢â??¬Ã?â??anonymous screen names¢Ã¢â??¬ on the Internet. I can personally show you some local records in the Charlottesville Circuit Court right now where two people felt they enjoyed an anonymous identity behind screen names on the Internet¢Ã¢â??¬Š before judgements for libel were handed down against them. The judgements are running their course, with interest.

Is that your game Sick? (Heck, I don't even know your real name.) Do you try to instigate people into saying something so you can file a frivolous lawsuit against them? Is this how you make your living? For the life of me, I can't figure out who you are and why you are so full of hate for cops. I had a suspicion of who you were but I found out I was wrong. There appears to be several folks out there that have been busted for impersonating a police officer and I figured you were one of them. Then when I saw the links to the articles I realized people on here think you are another steve. My mistake and my apologies to that poor fellow for the embarrassment. So, what's your deal?

I am bothered by your comments and wonder if your feelings are shared by everyone in Cville. Is it management, is it ethic, or is it just the changing culture of police work in general? You seem to do a lot of research on this so enlighten us!

I'm sorry, I just don't "get it" as to how the police are responsible for much of the areas' problems. They have always been fair-just, with me personally-and also with others I know.

quote: "I had a suspicion of who you were but I found out I was wrong."

I will give you credit, you're just a tad smarter than a few others here. :)

Sick-Have you had personal problems with the local police? Come on, be honest.
By the way, what is your IQ? Just kidding! :-)))))))

quote: "Sick-Have you had personal problems with the local police? Come on, be honest."

No, I can't think of any contact I have had with any local police agency that I would call a "problem."

By the way, what is your IQ? Just kidding! :-)))))))

I could lie by saying my IQ has been tested and it's 150, that's what people usually do in Internet forums. But I would have to simply guess somewhere between 110 and 120. And this could very possibly be a high guess. Just dont know.

i love slade woodson n hes a great boy no matter wat any of yall say...i kno he did sumthin wrong...but i still love him...n hes my boy...so i love him