16 y.o. arrested after 'lost bogger' Woodson

According to his MySpace page which launches Clint Black's hit country song "Like the Rain," and calls its owner a 'lost bogger,' Slade Allen Woodson is a "just a poor country boy tryin to survive."

On a page decorated with autumn leaves, the confederate flag, and standing invitation to go "mud boggin'," a portrait emerges of a hard-working, hard-playing young man who didn't quite finish his senior year at Western Albemarle High School and now stands arrested and accused of injuring two Interstate 64 motorists and shooting up various other area sites.

At a 6pm press conference yesterday, a State Police spokesperson announced that Woodson and an unnamed 16-year-old, also now in custody, will be charged with at least 10 felonies each in the shooting spree that closed Albemarle County schools Thursday and created havoc on I-64.

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Didn't much of the crime happen during late hours? Was a responsible adult properly supervising the 16 year old?