Old v. new dorms: choice ends

UVA has stepped in to ban the self-segregation that inaugurates college careers by randomizing the dormitories of incoming students, who have long been given the choice of McCormick Road (old dorms) and Alderman Road (new dorms). The former were typically chosen by white fraternity/sorority-track students while the latter were often the choice of African Americans, international students, and others preferring a more modern suite arrangement. The ban on housing choice, debated today in a Cavalier Daily story as potentially forcing diversity, also recognizes that UVA has, in recent years, added a third option: residential colleges (such as Brown College, shown here). One can still choose that.


GIVE ME A BREAK! Letting them live where they chose is segregation?

I am a firm believer in segregation. After my wife retires, she and I are building a log cabin on top of a mountain out in Boonesville. I am getting as far away from humans as I can. My wife will venture to town once a week to get whatever gorceries we may need. :)

Sounds like a "Greek" problem to me. How do you know the problem isn't fraternity/sorority based? What dean conceived of this nanny business? Y

Sounds fine to me. I say let UVA Housing run UVA housing.

Perhaps we should give them all personality tests and then pair up all the democrats with a republican, all the gays with a strait, all of the jocks with a disabled person, all feminists with a mysoginists, all jews with an arab, all muslims with a bacon lovers, any fat people with anorexic people, sick of the local rambos with a crooked cop, tree huggers with civil engeneers, coke drinkers with pepsi drinkers geys anatomy lovers with ER fans etc etc etc,

Are they going to FORCE the blacks and whites to hang out together at private clubs etc. too?

THe nanny state has begun...

or more helpfully, those who can spell and those who can not.

and, alas!, so many cannot

Both cannot and can not are acceptable spellings, but the first is much more usual. You would use can not when the 'not' forms part of another construction ...
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quote: "...sick of the local rambos with a crooked cop..."

That's actually a pretty damn good example. Bravo!

Funny...I wasn't aware that the dorms were segregated. Hmmmmm? I chose old dorms and it was actually quite diverse and I'm not white. In any event, it's foolish to take away a student choice of dormitory.

"In any event, it's foolish to take away a student choice of dormitory." I'm curious to know what's so foolish about it?

one thing that's foolish is the simple reality that some prefer the communal surroundings of the old dorms and their 'hall' style of residential environment over the more chaotic 'modern' suite concept (chaotic for one because all of the noise of the suite flows into each room). Also, the suite is a mini-community of its own with the common area attracting loafers - a positive for some and a big negative for others. I was old dorms, and I hated the new dorms. I'm white and was greek - that had nothing to do with my choice. My hall was completely integrated. This is just more weirdness from the administration if you ask me.

C-ville Eye: Why stop at students and why stop with just the choice of dorms? Why not have everything decided for you? Then you wouldn't have to think about anything. And wouldn't that be a fine thing not to have to do at a university. Why go to the university if you want people to think for you?

I wonder how they handle this situation at HOward University in DC? Oh thats right... they simply say that they are a "traditionally" black school and everybody looks the the other way.... or goes back to watching the Black Miss America Pageant or BET.

Let the students choose where they want to stay, as long as no one is "excluded" then its all good. This isn't 1st grade.

Is there a particular message you are trying to convey by using "HOward?"

It was actually a typo.. but if the clear heel fits.....

Mr. Fair, very few people would ever believe that was a typo. Sorry.

sick of the local rambos.. what difference does it make?

quote: "sick of the local rambos.. what difference does it make?"

If you are old enough and intelligent enough to turn a computer on and find your way here, I don't feel there's any way I can ever explain racism to you.

But trust me on this, HOward is a definite racial slur. And everybody knows it.

SOTLR: I don't know it. Looks like he just didn't release the caps key before he hit "O". I do it all the time. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

OK Cletus, if you say so. :)

Do you recall the Albemarle County Sheriff's deputy who called a black motorist a "g**damn (expletive)" and pulled a gun on him for pulling out in front of the deputy in traffic. If you do, you also recall the black citizen sued for emotional distress over having a racial slur shouted out at him and a gun pulled on him. And he collected quite a large chunk of change. Blatant racists always hang themselves. Just give it time.

Rambo hater.....If I say it was a typo then you are worse than the cops you hate so much for judging without evidence.

Why don't you comment on the double standard... is that not more racist?

Just like there's no obvious hidden message on this tombstone. DUH.